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Former President Barack Obama has debuted on Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs chart at number 22 with his gospel-inspired remix of a song by Lin-Manuel Miranda that originally appeared in the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

Obama’s “One Last Time (44 Remix)” dropped before Christmas as part of Miranda’s “Hamildrops” remixes and features cast member Christopher Jackson and gospel singer BeBe Winans.

Have a listen to the song via the player above.

Proceeds from sales of the remixes, which features various celebrities including “Weird Al” Yankovic and Mobb Deep, will reportedly go to charity.

The “One Last Time” entry is called the “44 Remix” and has Obama reading a passage from George Washington’s farewell address.

The track was the final selection of the 2018 “Hamildrop” series in which Miranda, a former substitute teacher, released remixes of tracks from his hit musical every month throughout the year.

As a reported “Hamilton” superfan, it is fitting that Obama would feature on a remix as the cast performed the original song at the White House for a student workshop during his presidency.

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2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Debuts On Billboard With Remix Of ‘One Last Time’ From ‘Hamilton’

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    And black people need to stop listening to the racist and uninformed negros who keep telling us that President Obama did nothing for black people. You see these barbarians in white sheets elected this loser for president as a black lash to having a successful black president and they’re paying the price right now. They acted like President Obama was the worst thing ever and look what they got now, a GD fool and they deserve thim! Obama will stay winning because that’s karma to the devils who gave him pure hell for doing nothing except trying to do the right thing. Watching President Obama’s face at George Bush funeral, while sitting on the same row with trump was priceless. You could see the “I gotcha ass smirk on his face” while 45 sat there uncomfortable, out of place. That’s right President Obama keep your head up.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Classic. This man stays winning. Black people should love on this brother. The white congress stayed on code and kept him from achieving all he wanted for “us.” We need to stay on code and quit hating each other and break the chain of self hatred. Disregard these coons and racists that don’t have our best interest at heart. These white people like that orange dog in the oval are throwing you bones with no meat. We need to shake these shackles and stop listening to the colonizers. They ain’t here to help. This man is trying – get behind him and push him to use his platform even more.

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