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Cindy Adams of Page Six chopped it up with four-time Grammy winner BeBe Winans about his coming musical “Born for This.”

“Another jukebox Broadway thing?” she asked him.

“No, ma’am. I lived in New York 10 years and saw every musical ever made. I was Harpo in ‘The Color Purple,’ and a Broadway school taught me to write,” he explained. “I’ve written what’s important. I added new songs. I talk about my family. And Roberta Flack said I had to put this on Broadway.

“Mine’s a story of rejection. Of faith. Survival. God’s love. Of becoming involved with Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker.”

Jim and Tammy Faye were a husband-and-wife televangelist team in the 1970s and ’80s before their ministry was brought down by scandal and bankruptcy.  BeBe was part of that ministry.

“To audition for them in Charlotte, NC, my mother took me and my sister south on a Greyhound bus. They wanted my sister, not me. I ended up working in a grocery. But then Bakker heard me sing — and that was my beginning.

“Understand, fame — and fear and failure — are like drugs. You need faith to handle celebrity or success. All of it’s a struggle. You conquer that with the only true power there really is — trust in God.

“Bakker became my parent. He said I’d be a somebody. The man’s alive and kicking, and in 2016 when I tested this in Atlanta, he was at the opening. When I got my star on the Walk of Fame, he was the first person who called. And Jim Bakker will be at the official Broadway opening of this show.”

Winans Family Through The Years
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7 thoughts on “Bebe Winans Dishes About His New Jim Bakker And Tammy Faye-Inspired Musical ‘Born For This’

  1. Susan Yarbrough on said:

    We ALL have come Short 💔 we all share the saddness sin brings. I Do know this one thing, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL 🔥 when we are not Our Loving GOD IS FAITHFUL ❣❣

  2. Bud Dwyer on said:

    The only thing keeping you people from being labeled a cult is your not requiring your followers to denounce and leave their families. Skin crawling bunch, blleech.

  3. Meg Donaldson on said:

    Yes you are missing something. It was probably one of the most miscarriages of Justice the country has ever pulled off. The short version, they accused him of not having enough time shares to cover what was sold. He had timeshares in a tower ready 90% ready to open and the court would not allow that to be heard in court. Otherwise he would have been proven innocent and not given 45 years. Jim does admit to other things that happened to him. Anyway, a lawyer saw his case and got him a new court date and did it all for free since they took everything Jim owned. If you are following Jerry Falwell you are the one that may be mislead. I do believe he fell from grace, I can still see him crying. What a hypocrite. Anyway watch the Jim Bakker Show and see for yourself.

  4. Rosalyn Tademy on said:

    Your comments revealed your true ignorance and that you have no relationship with the Lord but are operating from a worldly standpoint. I applaud you Bebe, man of God that you are.

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    What? I appreciate BeBe’s spirit and gracious heart. Yes he was given a chance by that hypocrite, but this can’t be a celebration of a “false” ministry that condemned people to fire. Now I don’t agree with Falwell, but the devil knows his children. Jerry Falwell called Bakker “a liar, an embezzler, a sexual deviant, and “the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history.” Then the Devil’s right hand man Jimmy Swaggart (yes, that Swag) says, “Bakker was a cancer in the body of Christ.” Now the white devils know who is he; but BeBe wants to celebrate him? Now that’s a friend or Fe fi fo go figure, the apologist is once again a …… I hate to be critical, but I’m missing something.

    • eric kinsey on said:

      yes,dont you want people to forgive you of your past sins, failures, and mistakes,or do you want them to hold it over you for the rest of your life,like you are doing to other peple.

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