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The DoubleTree Hotel in Portland knows it effed up big time and headed to Twitter on Friday to issue took to Twitter on Friday to issue a belated apology to a black man for the racist way in which they treated him.

Oh yeah, they screwed up big time in the way they treated Jermaine Massey on Dec. 22, 2018, while staying at the hotel.

Here’s the deal. The Lloyd District hotel is straight up catching hell, as it should, from social media after Massey, 34, a paid guest, filmed himself being removed from the hotel by a security guard and Portland police, reports Willamette Week.


The incident, first reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting, was initially described by the hotel as a “misunderstanding.” His eviction from his room after talking on the phone in the hotel lobby drew national attention over the Christmas holiday.

Massey’s attorneys, Gregory and Jason Kafoury, of Portland-based law firm Kafoury & McDougal, asked the hotel for a full accounting of why hotel security had “approached” him and “interrogated” him.



“Jermaine Massey was, ‘calling his mother while black,’ from a quiet corner of the lobby of the DoubleTree hotel in Portland,” they said in their press release. “Please explain in detail in what manner Mr. Massey was a threat to safety or security.”

As we said up top, the hotel has finally come to its senses and apologized and both employees involved in the incident have been fired.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday condemned the incident.

“It is deeply troubling to hear about Mr. Massey’s experience with discrimination,” he tweeted. “No one should be treated this way, and I hope this serves as a catalyst for necessary changes that address the systemic nature of discrimination of all forms.”

The Portland DoubleTree said it will ask a third party to investigate the incident and review its “internal processes, protocols and trainings to ensure we are creating and maintaining a safe space for everyone.”

Massey accused the guard of “harassing” him, and in a statement provided to CNN by his attorneys, characterized the incident as “calling his mother while black.”

Through his attorneys, Massey has asked the Portland DoubleTree to explain why they considered him a threat to hotel security, and why he was even questioned by security in the first place.





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20 thoughts on “DoubleTree Apologizes, Fires 2, After Black Man Is Evicted From Hotel Room

    • Also, fire management of Double Tree, then fire officer who evicted, demand resignation of the Chief of police. If the Mayor of Portland is serious get rid of everyone involved and their administrators.

    • Also, fire management of Double Tree, then fire officer who evicted, demand resignation of the Chief of police. If the Mayor of Portland is serious get rid of everyone involved and their administrators.

      • If Mayor is serious then he must address the police , get rid of the problems. Start at the top, Police Chief then the officer who responded. They have to go. Either that or release documents as to why they should not be relieved of duty!

  1. Let’s explain to the idiot mac daddy what this has to do with trump. you see mac idiot, since 45 took office and stated that there were good and bad people on both sides, wrong, he was a nationalist, meaning white nationalist, backed by the kkk, david duke is his friend, it let all the other racist idiots in the world, and this includes your dumb ass, believe that it is ok to think we are back in slavery days when you could not look a white person in the eye, be in their space, move just because they say so, be hung for a white ladies lie about being whistled at, and so on and so forth. well guess what, social media will get your ass fired, or removed from your home because you keep calling the police for dumd shit..that is what trump has to do with this incident also. so good bye earl you freaking idiot. now he can go sit in his mama’s basement and play with himself and his sister, cousin, girlfriend on his mama;’s side. or maybe the 2 of you can play together pulling on each other p#n&%#…lol..

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Old Earl is simply a racist. Old “Racist” Earl remembers and lived when his daddy proudly said, “boy this fountain here is for them and this one is for us.” Old Earl benefitted from white privilege all his life. Then old Earl looked up one day and realized he was just old white Earl. Times changed and his unhappy racist behind still needed to work in his old age. Old Earl remembered a time when black people had to move upon the command of old white racists. Yep, old Earl’s dusty behind had a flash back. Now he can flash his behind to the unemployment line, sit home and flipped through his old black and white pictures with his red hat dreaming about dem good old days. The good news is – no black person will have to encounter this racist at that establishment again. Bye Earl!! Life ain’t ending like you thought.

  3. Mac Daddy on said:

    Here’s the thing, if you’re carrying a weapon on you in the hotel lobby, don’t draw attention to yourself by disturbing patrons with loud azz phone theatrics in the lobby. Colored folk so desperate for attention to a fault

    • Anybody named Mac Daddy, needs to go and pimp young white girls like he has been doing for years. Obviously Mac Daddy has the intelligence of a gnat. Mac Daddy talk this bull shit on social media.

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  5. Michael Middleton on said:

    Okay Trumpsters, How do you justify this one? I’m sure you all can fabricate some type of stupid alibi to support your love for this kind of blatant bigotry.

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