“Black-ish” actress  Jenifer Lewis is tired of President 45 and she wants him gone.

As far as she’s concerned, Donald Trump has done some really bad, horrible things to the country, including breaking the law. That means she’s not down for any deals that would let him evade prosecution.

In other words, she can’t wait to chant “Lock HIM up,” “Lock HIM up,” “Lock HIM up” and neither can a lot of folks, it seems.

Jenifer was on  “TMZ Live” and was asked her about a scenario that is a very real scenario: What if prosecutors squarely put it to the President — if you resign from office, we won’t prosecute you or your family?

Put it this way, Madame Lewis is not at all feeling that scenario. She even calls Trump a mentally ill criminal who doesn’t deserve any deals when it comes to prosecution.

You may have noticed that as of late, Lewis – who has written about her own struggles with bipolar disorder in her book, “The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir” – thinks of herself as an activist/actress. It breaks down percentage wise like this: 25% actress, 75% activist.