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“Black-ish” actress  Jenifer Lewis is tired of President 45 and she wants him gone.

As far as she’s concerned, Donald Trump has done some really bad, horrible things to the country, including breaking the law. That means she’s not down for any deals that would let him evade prosecution.

In other words, she can’t wait to chant “Lock HIM up,” “Lock HIM up,” “Lock HIM up” and neither can a lot of folks, it seems.

Jenifer was on  “TMZ Live” and was asked her about a scenario that is a very real scenario: What if prosecutors squarely put it to the President — if you resign from office, we won’t prosecute you or your family?

Put it this way, Madame Lewis is not at all feeling that scenario. She even calls Trump a mentally ill criminal who doesn’t deserve any deals when it comes to prosecution.

You may have noticed that as of late, Lewis – who has written about her own struggles with bipolar disorder in her book, “The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir” – thinks of herself as an activist/actress. It breaks down percentage wise like this: 25% actress, 75% activist.

16 thoughts on “Jenifer Lewis: Trump Is A Mentally Ill Criminal Who Needs To Go To Jail!

  1. My Mother passed away in 09 before he was a so called president,she always would say “That man is full of s_ _ _t and he has a lie too tell with his p_ _ _ y mouth,every time he pooch his mouth it look like a p_ _ _ y hole.” All he do is Hawk and Spit and Bullish_t.

  2. Michael Middleton on said:

    I’ve stated since the primaries that this dumb animal was mentally challenged. It’s ashamed that it took 2 years for people to wake up and smell the odorous stench he brought to the world.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      I didn’t take 2 years for idiots to wake up. Hell, they knew this lunatic wasn’t qualified to be president they just didn’t give a damn because they wanted him to be successful because he’s white. Dumb racist & 52% of me too white bytches elected this POS as a backlash for having a successful black President for 8 years, he’s been nothing but an embarrassment. I’m glad he’s failing loving every minute of his downfall. This is what happens when you vote with your racism and perceived white supremacy.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        PT….You are 100% correct. They thought this fool would only hurt people of color. Now they’re learning otherwise!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Ms Lewis is correct. Something is wrong with that Orange Idiot. Instead of focusing on World and U.S. affairs, this tiny man stoops like a leprechaun and tweets ridiculousness and lies. I’m glad people are finally taking the gloves off and shoving that hate right back down his puffy eyed wrinkled faced pie hole. Comey finally said it, “he is a liar and the republiklans are complicit.” Lying thieves. #45 and his ilk stole the election. They stole it by selling their souls and our country to the Russians. #45 is the worst leader ever and that is hard to do when you have the racist legacy of Andrew “Muderer Racist” Jackson. We need to impeach him and make this team a one term team. Get lying Pence out with him. Now you know or feel some of what our ancestors went through. Look up and see incompetent white men leading the country. The markets are crashing again. They didn’t crash with President Obama. President Obama breathe life into the markets, told the Russians to jump in front of a bus and fought for health care. This Orange Puppet is trying to build his personal racist empire. Jared, Ivanka and his idiot sons are standing in line. Time to ensure they don’t stand a chance. Wake up!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      You’re so right Ted! Now that Mike Flynn & Cohen have both sung to Mueller the dots are finally connecting, and yes his children/son & law are going down with him, all of the bad deal making the dummies in Congress were celebrating as an accomplishment is causing the market to crash. You can only maintain that kind of stupid for so long before it catches up with you. trump is finished!

  4. I agree 100%. He definitely is suffering from some kind of mental issues. The idiot can’t complete a whole sentence w/o vearying off to another topic. He’s incoherent, he lies constantly and he is a crook, the facts are looking right at us. His minions are in total denial. He never wanted to be prez. This narcissist just wanted the title. He spends hrs watching faux noise and tweeting. He’s not presidential at all. I hope he’s gone in 2020.

  5. Jenifer Lewis always keeps it REAL.
    I can’t wait until Mueller finally connects all of the dots.
    Then it will be–LOCK HIS ASS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @huf. I knw u probably went to public schools in oakie. but Her name is Jennifer, (not jenifer) Lewis. And she spoke truth to power. 45 is a bad example for our kids. PERIOD!!!!!

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