Morning Minute: Recall Alert Check Your Sausage!


It seems like every week something else is being recalled. The latest recall is on sausage! There has been metal found in Jimmy Dean sausage and as you can imagine that’s not good. So check your sausage and if it’s Jimmy Dean throw it out! Goodness, everything is being recalled! What is safe to eat?



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One thought on “Morning Minute: Recall Alert Check Your Sausage!

  1. The Truth on said:

    45 cut alot of programs and employees from the Federal Drugs Adminstration and the Environment Protection Agency. People need to WAKE Up and realize what is going on. What good is a pocket full of money if you are ill and sick or even dieing. Your priorities are wrong. He want you to be a one man island under his CONTEOL…WAKE UP..ALL HE IS ABOUT IS LIES, SPIES AND GREED..WE WILL ALL SUFFER FOR SURE! PEOPLE KNOW HE IS NOT RIGHT AND WANT SPEAK UP OR DO THEIR JOB YOU CAN’T BELIEVE IN WRONG DOING AND THINK WE WILL ALL BE ALRIGHT!

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