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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and T.I. might be currently living apart but they want y’all to know that their marriage is stronger than ever.

But for inquiring minds who want to know why your favorite hip-hop couple is living apart, T.I. broke it down on the most recent episode of their reality show, “Friends & Family Hustle.”

While Tiny prefers that they live under the same roof, she feels she’s doing her wifely duty by allowing T.I. the space that he needs.

“Tiny is not OK with T.I. living apart from her, she resents it,” a source close to Tiny and T.I. EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “However, Tiny puts on a happy face, and will tell T.I. that she is OK with it all, but that is only because she is afraid to lose him. She is trying to keep it all together and she feels like giving him space, to live on his own, will save their marriage while keeping their family together. She is desperate enough to go along with T.I.’s desires even if it drives her crazy always wondering what he is doing and with whom. T.I. living apart from her is not helping Tiny rebuild trust with him, it is only making things more challenging.”

Despite their living situation, Tiny and T.I. claim they still spend many nights together.

“Tiny and T.I. do spend the majority of their nights in the same bed, Tiny would go crazy if they didn’t,” the source continued. “Work takes priority for TI. And Tiny has chosen to follow his lead and work as much as she can as well. But when they aren’t working and they don’t sleep in the same bed it’s tough. Tiny does her best to look on the bright side though. They are still together and the passion is still very much alive. If keeping two separate houses is what it takes to make it work then so be it, it’s worth it to Tiny.”

On the Dec. 3 episode of “Friends & Family Hustle,” T.I. revealed that their separate living situation has to do with their different personalities.

“The Harris household is rather complicated,” he explained on the show. “Yes, we’re married. Yes, we’re on good terms. No, we do not sleep in the same house, necessarily. I think our personalities are too big to fit under one roof. It might not work for everybody else, but it works for us. That’s why we deserve each other.”

T.I and Tiny
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13 thoughts on “T.I. Shares Why He And Wife Tiny Live Apart

  1. Helen R Miller on said:

    You know you 2 are strong very very strong people & I thank you 2 for doing things the way you do cause it’s are to have 2 leaders with differences and not knowing when to hold or fools on both behalces so just do what it takes to be that American Family on & off TV k

  2. VBNR, God said “Husbands, love your wives even as Christ loved the church.” Christ went to the cross and died for us. I don’t think TI’s behavior is an example of that kind of love.

  3. Mrs. Deloise C Jones on said:


    Go get help…

    You can’t change T.I. He is not into you …when a man love you..
    You will not have to change your body image…or your beliefs..Divorce T.I. go on with your life…what message are you showing to your childrens…

  4. Irrie Hicks on said:

    I love Tiny she is a great person from what I see. She deserves better life is too short. Believe me i know from experience. He may love you but is it enough?

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    So, basically Tiny allows him to screw other women so she can stay in a marriage with this loser. Living apart so he can do whatever he wants. She’s pretty much thrown in the towel and accepted the fact that he’ll never be faithful so just let him have his single/married life, this is beyond tragic on her part. Let Tiny have another man on the side and that negro would be ready to shoot someone. TI is a Male chauvinist POS but Tiny allows it. The low standards of some women today is really shameful.

  6. I’m by no means prudish….but why do some women have to show 3/4 of their boobs. Nothing is left to the imagination anymore

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