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It looks like T.I.’s reported side-piece, Asia’h Epperson, has been throwing shade at his wife Tiny Harris.

The 29-year-old actress shared a photo of herself for her followers when a user accused the Greenleaf star of being a “homewrecker.”

Epperson’s didn’t deny the allegations that she slept with a married man, she instead decided to take shots at his marriage. “A homewrecker I would never be. Not my style! I’m into building baby! However, on another note… Just so you know, you can’t wreck a wrecked home.”

In June, Epperson got plenty of publicity when she was captured getting very flirty with Tip on camera a few months back.

In a viral clip captured by a concertgoer, Epperson reportedly got cozy with T.I. while he was backstage at a show in Indiana. He even smacked her on the booty in the clip before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

Fans were not happy with the video, especially because T.I. appeared to be working on his marriage with Tiny after previously cheating on her.

Since then, rumors that she was his side chick started to fly. While TI and Tiny never directly addressed the rumor, it now appears that TI is back with his wife Tiny and he’s no longer friendly with Epperson.




16 thoughts on “T.I.’s Alleged Side-Piece Takes Shots At Tiny Harris & Their Marriage

  1. Deborah Houston on said:

    I can people talk about open marriage marriage is between two people that God put together that’s not for the public or no one else to pass judgement on there and for people to just say things and they say those who do that has to be accountable for what they have done and Tiny and tip situation they have children it’s not suitable

  2. Mary Albritton on said:

    Ugly where do you see it your punk ass is ugly are you friends with them dirty foot hoes out here trying to get attention bitches if you don’t have a man your own man that’s the problem bitch real men knows you’re a hoe and looking for fame you can’t get your own i don’t care how fine you are how beautiful you are and how many surgeries you pretend like you never had tiny haven’t did anything to you broke ass hoes and just because ti I got what he wanted and gave you tricking ass bitches a few dollars or took y’all shopping because he knows what a hoe like and y’all fucking with his wife for no reason why

  3. Katheryn on said:

    TI is the disrespectful one here to keep on allowing theses extra chicks in. Even though they obviously have had threesomes as a couple, this is the 2nd chick to think they sh’t is gold and start talking bout is wife, which is where both her and especially Bernice thought they were going to be. TI is going to caught an std he cant get rid of or catch the wrong side chick that’s going to be like that lady inthe movie fatal attraction

  4. Drag both of their ass both of them are hoes but she the biggest hoe because she knows he’s married and if you know you just one of many side hoes while in the hell would you even start picking at the mans wife. See you a stupid bitch that’s why he cut the dick off MOUTH TOOOO BIG

  5. tedgravely on said:

    Epperson is too pretty to play second fiddle. She is right – you can’t wreck a broken home. Why not hold T.I. responsible? Drag the married man, not the single woman. He’s the one doing the cheating. Epperson has no allegiance to his Family. However, Epperson is to young and fine to be associated with T.I.’s mess. Sweetie run while you can.

    • Ted, very disappointed with your reply! Pretty, fine women come a dime a dozen!! Yes, it’s not ALL her but the skank knows he’s still married!! This is 50/50!! What the hell is wrong with people!! Hold people accountable for their shit!! They are both equally trashy scum skunks!!!

      • Level up 2018 on said:

        This is the problem with families today and what leads to the breakdown of them. That mentality of only one party is responsible for infidelity. Because she is a single woman she should want for another woman what she wants for herself. We excuse her behavior to justify his in essence. If more women didn’t allow themselves to be used as side pieces that would deter more men from the act of preseuing them. Men would understand the consequence of there behavior and hopefully decrease the incidences of it. Unfortunately there are too many women that allow themselves to be the other women due there own lack of self value. Not excusing men at all, but they can’t have what isn’t freely given.

      • tedgravely on said:

        – The bottom-line is T.I. knows he is married. Act like it. Don’t unzip your pants or pucker your lips to anyone other than your wife. The single person (your side piece) won’t respect what you don’t respect. All I’m saying is married people, respect marriage. Why should the side piece care more about your Family than you do? I don’t condone her behavior, but T.I. is the scoundrel. I’m holding the married person more responsible. End of story.

    • Obviously her husband TI. He married her and has three children with her. Your comment is so out of line. Just because she may not be your type doesn’t mean you have to insult her.

    • Tiny is beautiful inside and out. He loves her but what has happened is they allowed someone else into the bedroom and he likes that. Just because you think she’s ugly he loved her enough to say I DO. Both of them are wrong marriage is suppose to be everything but these days it means nothing.

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