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(ABC 13 Screenshot)

A suspect seemingly needed a little relaxation before he was arrested for breaking into a Houston home, ABC13 reports.

Neighbors heard the sound of breaking glass and called police to report a breakin on Thanksgiving day. When police arrived they found 24-year-old DaPatrick Pharms in the master bathroom soaking in the tub.

The owners of the home were reportedly out of town for the holiday.

Pharms was arrested and charged with trespassing and criminal mischief.


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15 thoughts on “Houston Man Broke Into A Home And Took A Bath

  1. Muffin on said:

    Why does everything have to be about race, A crime is a crime. I just hope the address his obvious mental illness and not just put him in jail.

  2. Rosa Johnson on said:

    how do we know what else he would have done or taken if the police hadnt caught his ass???This has nothing to do with politics. its breaking and entering….its a crime.

  3. I agree with Elove. He must have needed it. These are very difficult days for many and I have not walked a mile in that man’s shoes. God bless him and the owners of the house too.

    • Yes the country needs more sensitive feelings oriented people like you
      please provide name, address and phone number to Houston PD for when this man gets out I’m sure he could use someone like you to see him through life

  4. Dam another incident of bathing while black, old racist ass neighbors calling the police on a black man entering his home and trying to relax from a hard day of honest work

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      As the curator of the BAW Gentrification Program, I am empowered to give our spot awards for those among us who exemplify the tenants of our program, accountability & responsibility. I’ll add to that, humor. Jhuf is the second official recipient of the honor. Showing the hypocrisy of the left and using it as a teachable moment for those that want to immediately cry racism in the future. L, Ted step up and leave behind you victim hood mentality. Peace

      • I agree with Elove. He must have needed it. These are very difficult days. I have not walked a mile in that man’s shoes. God bless him and the homeowners too.

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