The Prince estate has been notified of an impending lawsuit by a guy who claims to be the son of the late music icon, and he has declared his plans to sue for a piece of the fortune.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast,Ogeda Patrick has filed a Notice of Impending Civil Action with the estate. He claims the estate has “erroneously (habitually) omitted Mr. Patrick as the true heir to the Prince Estate.”

Here’s how The Blast breaks it down:

Patrick first filed a claim with the estate last year claiming he was Prince’s son. But a judge ruled in May that Patrick “has not provided facts sufficient to establish the reasonable possibility that [Prince] is his genetic father.”

No genetic testing was ever done.

Patrick claims he “has been deprived from assuming ownership of the Prince Estate for nearly a year” and notes that “this delay of justice has cost Mr. Patrick over $100,000,000.00 … in possible revenue due to his inability to access the assets of the estate.”

The suit hasn’t been filed yet but Patrick says it’s his “goal to resolve this matter at the Court’s soonest convenience with the least amount litigation possible.”

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