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Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark — the unarmed black man fatally shot by Sacramento police in his grandparents’ backyard in March — is running for mayor.

Clark was a vocal critic of the police department following his brother’s tragic death and now the 25-year-old has filed paperwork to run for mayor in 2020, according to the Sacramento Bee.

If elected, Stevante told the newspaper he wants to combat gang violence and help “underdeveloped communities” by establishing resource centers that provide childcare, mentoring programs, job training and mental health counselors, the report states.

“Mental health is one of the biggest things I want to combat,” Stevante, who has struggled with mental health issues following his brother’s death, told the Sacramento Bee.

When FOX40 caught up with Stevante, they noted the time he jumped up on the desk at a city council meeting and how people may take that as a sign that he is not mentally stable.

“Everybody loves everybody. Hopefully I’m not judged off my human reaction,” he said. “I was never arrested until my brother died.”

“Me jumping on the mayor’s desk, I’ve apologized for that,” he continued. “So if people see me jumping on the mayor’s desk and they don’t acknowledge my apology then I think that’s pretty one-sided.”

Clark was reportedly placed on multiple mental health holds in the months after his brother was killed. He was also arrested in April after allegedly threatening to kill his roommate’s girlfriend.

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