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Stevante Clark has been in the news since the killing of his brother, 22-year-old Stephon Clark, on March 18 in Sacramento, California. Stephon was fired at over 20 times in his backyard. Police thought he had a gun  in his hand but it was a cell phone. There  have been protests all over the country and Stevante has participated in many of the protests in Sacramento. Unfortunately, Stevante, 25, was arrested yesterday.

According to SFGate.com, Stevante  was “arrested Thursday for allegedly threatening to kill or seriously injure someone.” In addition, “he is being held on charges for calling 911 with the intent to annoy or harass. He was booked at 12:10 p.m. into the Sacramento County Jail without bail due to the seriousness of the crime, and he is scheduled to appear in court 1:30 p.m. Friday.”

According to KRCA, the people he allegedly threatened were his roommates since November, Alex Rouska and Samantha Urke, “Rouska said things with Stevante Clark started to change recently. He said that Clark sometimes exhibited erratic behavior. According to the couple, Clark threatened them on Monday. ‘He’s like, ‘You tell that (expletive) to not disrespect me again or I’m going to kill her,’ Rouska said. The couple called police more than a dozen times, filed a restraining order and said they were eventually put in a hotel.”

Stevante Clark told KCRA from jail, “Tell them I’ll pay for everything. I’m sorry.”

Stevante has been open that he is struggling with mental health issues. He told CBS, “I hate my life. Something is very wrong up there; I can admit that, but I’m not out here doing crazy, stupid belligerent things. I’m trying to take care of my family.”

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. We hope Stephon Clark’s family gets justice. We also help Stevante gets the help he needs.


Stevante Clark, Brother Of Stephon Clark, Arrested On Thursday was originally published on newsone.com

One thought on “Stevante Clark, Brother Of Stephon Clark, Arrested On Thursday

  1. Ernestine Morrison on said:

    Stevante has been retraumatized. Cut
    him some slack and help him get some
    counseling so he can safely and
    Appropriately process those very
    strong emotions that not only come
    with the loss of a loved one topped
    by an unjust police force that takes
    no responsibility for the injustices
    they assault on our Black males. I
    the family will file a wrongful death
    suit against the city and the police
    dept. Sue, sue, sue. Get ’em where it
    hurts in those capitalistic 💰💵
    pockets of green power.

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