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Do what do you think the late Notorious B.I.G. would think about his ex-wife, Faith Evans and Stevie J being married if he were alive today?

While you ponder that question, Stevie J has already answered it. He thinks it wouldn’t be a big deal to Biggie.

We know this because Stevie and Faith sat down with TMZ‘s Raquel Harper for her new show, “Raq Rants” on BET, and Raq put the question to Stevie, asking if Biggie would be cool with their marriage.

“I mean it’s 20 some years later. I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy,” Stevie responded. “I’m sure he’s be doing his thing.”

In case you forgot or don’t know your music history, Biggie and Faith got married in August 1994. They have one son, Christopher Jordan Wallace Jr.

Back in the day, Stevie — who married Faith earlier this summer — was not only one of Biggie’s producers but also a friend. How close? Stevie is godfather to Biggie and Faith’s son. The fact he’s now C.J.’s stepfather, too, isn’t awkward at all … according to Faith and Stevie.

Stevie says plenty of time has passed — and Raquel even raised the fact Faith also had a decade-plus long marriages to Motown exec Todd Russaw, in between Biggie and Stevie.

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