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Tamar Braxton was slammed by her fans recently for reportedly walking out on a performance of “Redemption of a Dogg” in Washington at the Warner Theatre — leaving her co-star Snoop Dogg high and dry and attendees searching for answers about her absence.

As we reported, Braxton was performing last Sunday and did not come back out to play Snoop’s angel after the intermission because her meal failed to arrive backstage.

The Daily Mail wrote that Tamar ‘ditched her cast and ‘stormed out’ at intermission after she did not get her food delivery, a source revealed.’

Tamar managed to piss off fans even more when she hit up Instagram to share a sonogram that she used to promote her shows. She eventually deleted the post.

Now, folks are back at criticizing the singer over her food choices and this time because she wrote that she would be getting down with some chitterlings … and some fans were disgusted.

One fan commented: ‘You’re disgusting if u eat chitterlings farmers are known for f*cking pigs!!! Right in the Chitterlings!!!

Some were quick to defend Tamar, with one fan writing:  ‘Let her live. She can eat what she wants. It not what goes in a man/woman that makes them unclean. Its what comes out of you that makes you unclean. Like some of these comments.”

Another follower posted ‘YESSSSS, darling!! I’m having pig feet for Thanksgiving and chitterlings for Christmas!! That’s what we do!!!’

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