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Is Porsha’s happily ever after not so happy after all? On the Nov. 18 episode of RHOA, Kandi discovered some  information about Porsha’s new fiance and it doesn’t look good for him!

On the Nov. 11 episode Kandi said she was going to mind her own business and let Porsha be happy. Well that didn’t last very long.

She sat down with a friend and they spilled all the tea on Mr. McKinley. Apparently, he’s dated several different women over the past years, at the same time. He also allegedly cheated on his last girlfriend with Porsha. They also claim he’s famous for buying women Rolex’s, just days after gave Porsha one for her birthday. Could Dennis be a player? Fans have some concerns.

What do you think? Should Porsha run for the hills?

The Struggle To Get Pregnant: Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams Are Former Enemies Who Have A lot In Common
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8 thoughts on “Is Porsha’s Fiance A Player?

  1. Lynnette on said:

    If Porshas man isn’t faithful it’s too late now. She’s
    Pregnant. Hope it last. But his track record might
    Not hold up. They are moving way too fast. Of all failsar least she’ll have the baby she always wanted.

  2. Porsha is getting her karma. She is a nobody doing nothing. Instead of living up to her family legacy this chic is always on some narcissistic foolery.

  3. All them bitsches are shady. All they do is drink, fight and have all their a** hanging out, except Nene. She dress age appropriate. Eva is sneaky. She is jealous of Cynthia modeling career. She keep throwing shade at Cyn age and modeling. Eva won next top model and I have never seen her in ads. Plus she dress like a slut. She is a mom and all those short outfits she wears looks ridiculous.

  4. I stopped watching RHA because with friends like them, who the hell needs enemies. For once, Kandi needs to mind her own damn business, she’s so two-faced. Let Prosche find out on her own, or just let her enjoy her happiness. They are so petty!

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