Kandi Burruss seems to be open to forging a friendship with Porsha Williams after their explosive fallout on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion.

But the Xscape singer says a friendship with Phaedra Parks is out of the question.

On Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live a caller asked Kandi, “Now that you and Porsha are in a better place, do you think you and Phaedra will ever come to mends?”“Nah,” Kandi replied instantly. “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. That was too far. That was too much. I’ve never heard anything [from her]. No apologies, no nothing. And I’m cool with that. We don’t ever have to talk again, and I’m good. Let’s move forward.”

Season 9 saw Kandi confronting Phaedra about her role in spreading the vicious rumor that Burruss and her husband wanted to take advantage of Porsha.

Later in the show, Kandi and guest Keke Palmer indulged in a kinky version of “Never Have I Ever” that played out like this…

Question: Never have I ever had sex in a hot tub under the stars.

Who Sipped: Kandi

Question: Never have I ever gotten kinky in the back of a movie theater during a date night.

Who Sipped: Kandi and Keke

Question: Never have I ever woken up next to a stranger after a night of hardcore partying.

Who Sipped: No one, but Andy added, “I mean, what’s a stranger? Everyone’s a friend!”

Question: Never have I ever taken a naughty photo and sent it to someone as a goodnight pic.

Who Sipped: No one. “I don’t send pictures and I don’t do video,” Kandi said. Keke added, “No face!” and the two high-fived.

Question: Never have I ever made a booty call to someone past midnight.

Who Sipped: Kandi, Keke and Andy

Question: Never have I ever showed up to my lover’s house late at night in lingerie and a trench coat.

Who Sipped: No one. “I wish I could do something that bold!” Keke said.

Question: Never have I ever watched porn with my significant other before bedtime.

Who Sipped: Kandi, Keke and Andy


 PHOTO: Watch What Happens Live screenshot