Reverend Al Sharpton: Both Andrew Gillum And Stacey Abrams Are Heroes


Voting rights are a major issue in the United States currently. They’re recounting ballots in both Florida and Georgia, while that sounds like progress Reverend Al says that’s not good enough.

In Georgia, Brian Kemp has already purged tens of thousands of mostly Black voters, and the machines are now malfunctioning. In Florida, the machines are having issues and there are ballots that have seemingly gone missing.

Reverend Al applauds both Abrams and Gillum for standing up for voting rights and now bowing down to bullying. No matter the outcome, he says they’re both heroes.

The congress, “that we all voted in, needs to reward voters,” by putting policies in place to protect the rights of voters he says.

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One thought on “Reverend Al Sharpton: Both Andrew Gillum And Stacey Abrams Are Heroes

  1. CHARITY DELL on said:

    Heroes indeed! They are calling attention to the horrible disenfranchisement of voters of color, military voters, provisional ballot voters, absentee voters and registered voters in districts
    unliked by the Republican candidates! And Kemp needs to be REMOVED from his position and held accountable for the THOUSANDS of votes he has purged and discarded from Georgia’s
    voting rolls and machines! GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY!

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