Stacey Abrams is still fighting for every vote in Georgia to be counted, while Brian Kemp‘s campaign is claiming he won the governor race. However, the Associated Press, NBC and CNN did not call the race. Therefore, Abrams filed a new lawsuit on Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, Abrams’ camp “filed a federal lawsuit Sunday asking a judge to delay vote certifications in Georgia’s unsettled governor’s race by one day and to make officials count any votes that were wrongly rejected. If successful, the suit would prevent officials from certifying county vote totals until Wednesday and could restore at least 1,095 votes that weren’t counted.”

In a conference call, Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargom said the state’s numbers “can’t be trusted” and “that 5,000 votes came in Saturday.” She also said, “This race is not over. It’s still too close to call.”

Brian Kemp’s team have not responded to the lawsuit.

There was another lawsuit filed last week by five Georgia voters asking for Kemp to stop being involved in the election results. He was the secretary of state, which means he oversaw his own election. Even former President Jimmy Carter called on Kemp to resignLaurence Schwartzol of Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit, is a lawyer for the voters and said, “This lawsuit is all about a fundamental unfairness — to have Kemp run the rules of this election, where Secretary Kemp has showed he misused his office in hyper-partisan way.”

Kemp resigned on Friday, but many people felt like it was too late and his voter suppression tactics had already done damage.

Stay in the fight, Stacey Abrams.


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