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Rochelle sees that Tasha has fallen in love with Jacob and reminds her that she’s still very much married, and to her brother at that. She knows Basie Skanks (Jason Dirden) would not approve. Tasha tells Rochelle to hell with you and your brother because he’s probably dead anyway. But think again, Tasha…

While still clutching that bottle, Tasha gets a knock at the door in the middle of the night and standing there in the flesh, alongside Rochelle, is her husband who’s been gone for too damn long – Basie Skanks. (Awww, shucky ducky now)

That’s not the only reveal from episode 10. Come through Grace! (Merle Dandridge) She finally uncovers the truth about Rochelle and who she really is.

It’s about damn time because Bishop James (Keith David) is sliding in a little too close to Rochelle since signing those papers. And it’s final – the divorce, that is.

But let’s talk about how Grace is the real MVP,  listening so attentively when Rochelle delivers her sad childhood story of bouncing around the foster care system with her sister. Rochelle shares this story with Coralie to make sure she doesn’t take that 20-year plea deal or her kids will end up in the system, too.

After hearing Rochelle’s story Grace gets on the phone with Darius (Rick Fox) and tells him that Rochelle was in foster care with her sister and asks him to do some digging to see what he can find. And digging he did.

He finds where her foster mother lives and he and Grace pull up at her house with questions that they got answers to. The foster mother tells them that Rochelle’s last name is James not Cross.

With further digging Grace discovers that Rochelle is Darryl James’ daughter, the man who died in that fire at the church back in the day, and Basie’s half sister. With that information, the first person she calls to tell is her father. Now we just have to wait until next episode to see what he does with that information.

Meanwhile Mae (Lynn Whitfield) is planning for her “Day With Lady Mae” event and Maxine Patterson (Patti LaBelle) is back in town to help her plan the whole shindig. They seem to be butting heads on who should deliver a speech that day.

Mae has her sights set on someone from the congregation while Maxine says it should be Grace with no question. When Mae shuts that down by ignoring her suggestion, it becomes quite clear to Maxine that there’s something funky going on between Mae and Grace.

And then there’s Lionel (Tim Reid) who has fallen ill and wants to see everyone in his last days. Last week, he wanted to see Bishop. This week, wants to see Mae. She does and as soon as he opens the door he wants to talk about his daughter.

Huh? What daughter? Who’s his daughter?

Miss Zora (Lovie Simone) makes her way into this episode, too. Maybe she’s ready to come to her senses and get away from her abusive boyfriend. She’s talking about college, Spelman at that, but Isaiah (Roshon Fegan) is talking her out of it. He wants her around to be his shadow while he’s on tour, and maybe even his punching bag.

Charity (Deborah Joy WInans) has a new man come and go, all in one episode. She meets him, he asks her out and she agrees to go but, when he starts overstepping his bounds and talking about her son’s father being gay and deceptive, she cuts it off before it even starts. Maybe he’ll try again next week.

Wanda J. Coppage is a full -time Music Director at an Urban AC radio station, journalist and proud Virginia State University alum – Go Trojans! As a music enthusiast who can’t go a day without hearing R&B/Soul or Classic Hip Hop as well as a TV passionista, why not live a life that covers both?  




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