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Last week’s episode may have been a little lackluster with the drama and regular church mess that we’re used to but boy, did THIS episode make up for it with some piping hot tea and Jack Daniels.

All types of juicy details, secrets and adulterous behaviors come out in the wash of this dirty episode.

Starting with Miss Tasha (Asia’h Epperson), who should’ve known better than to be sippin’ on some dark liquor while running her mouth on the phone at the same damn time. This will always create a problem because you never know what you’re going to say, and she says way too much when Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) calls.

“It was just a kiss,” comes sliding out of Tasha’s mouth while on the phone with Kerissa; who’s only calling because she’s already suspicious of why she just up and quit for no reason. And, since Tasha’s departure, Triumph has hired a new accountant who’s been digging through the financial reports and stuff is just not adding up.

The accountant discovers the money trail that leads to the fake account that Rochelle (LeToya Luckett) created with Tasha’s help. When he tells Kerissa about it, she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Of course she starts the interrogation with her husband Jacob (Lamman Rucker). She asks him about why Tasha left and the mysterious account.

Jacob stands there in her face and tells her he doesn’t know the answer to either one of those questions. (Just lying) He knows good and damn well why Tasha quit. But that’s okay – Tasha spills all the tea herself and Kerissa goes straight back to Jacob, ready to raise holy hell.

She calls Tasha a “gold-plated hussy” (almost fell off the couch when she said that one LMAO) and tell Jacob that instead of being the leader of their family he ain’t nothing but a “puddle of need and desire and bad ideas,”

He is the reason why Tasha quit and is at home drowning her sorrows with a bottle of Jack Daniels, drunk off her behind in the middle of the day – or as Kerissa so eloquently puts it, ‘Tasha is “three Egyptian-cotton sheets to the wind at 4p.m. on a week day.”

BOOM!!! I don’t know what kind of southern slang that is but I’M HERE FOR IT KERISSA!

Kerissa is not the only one that Tasha has a run-in with while she’s a little intoxicated. Rochelle, the wicked witch of the West, shows up at Tasha’s apartment wanting answers. She’s not done with the Greenleafs and Tasha has been her accomplice to bring them down.

But Tasha makes it clear that she wants nothing else to do with it.

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