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Samantha Markle — the half-sister of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex — is back at doing what she does best… talking sh*t on Twitter. And this time she’s taking aim at Loni Love.

“How dare you publicly call me a b**ch. Try eating less bacon and more salad! Dancing your way onto stage would look a little bit better. Rude sow,” Markle wrote, and her message was accompanied by a GIF of a running pig.

Samantha tagged Loni and the “Real” show, along with a link to the clip where Loni said, “I don’t trust this royal b**ch.”

Love then described the history of the Markle family drama, pointing out Samantha specifically and saying: “She so foul and really needs to look in the mirror and stop commenting directly from tabloids. Her ignorance is bigger than her waistline”

And she didn’t stop there…

Samantha later clarified that fat-shaming really ain’t her style, even tho she also added that “[Loni] said I should crawl back under my rock. I would but she ate it.”

“To be clear I would never insult women about being overweight I have been and my grandmother was. This woman insults everybody disgustingly and she needs to look in the mirror.”

Loni hasn’t responded to Samantha’s comments on Twitter but she shared a GIF of her face saying, “Stop killing my vibe.”

Samantha recently made headlines when she showed up at Kensington Palace with no invite. While the media claimed she was turned away, Sam says she was only there to hand the guard a letter with an important message to sister Meghan regarding their father’s (Thomas Markel) health.

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7 thoughts on “Samantha Markle To Loni Love: ‘Eat Less Bacon’

  1. There it is! That’s why one lives in a castle, and the other lives In Tallahassee Florida. The hate Megan’s family has shown her, I wouldn’t want anything to do with them. They need to take a lesson from Megan’s mother’s side of the family. Wish her well, and move on. As for Loni, sometime it’s best to remember that last look in the mirror, before commenting on someone else’s appearance.

  2. Sorry but when you trash someone, you better be prepared to take it Loni. I like Loni but she is open to “talk” just like anyone else no matter if it is about weight or anything else (we talk about people faces, skin tone, etce and weight is no different) . As for this sister, I just wish she would handle things better. We do not know Markle or what she did to this sister or not what she did to this sister. We do not know but I think whatever the issue that this sister should leave their business out of the public eye.

  3. …and this is why Meagan has nothing to do with that side of her family. Don’t get me wrong, Loni was wrong for fat-shaming Samantha (as women, we have to stop doing and saying things like that to each other) but Samantha is vying for as much face and media time as she can get. Meagan needs to keep them as far away as possible.

  4. Is this the pot calling the kettle Black or what.
    Markle is no damn size five, so maybe her BIG FAT ASS needs to be dieting also.

    Ladies, if you can’t say something decent–STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tedgravely on said:

      L – #fact. Now we know why Meghan left her in the wheelchair looking stupid at Kensington Palace. As of Loni Love, shhh.

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