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School Shooting In Nevada Leaves Two Dead, Two Critically Injured

Source: David Calvert / Getty

Rodrick Deshun Arkeith Elliott is being sent to a state hospital by a judge after saying God told him to commit murder. According to KLTV, Elliot was arrested in May of a woman named, Sandy Smith. Smith was found stabbed and later died at the hospital.

In the affidavit it said that the day before the incident a Black man walked up to Smith’s door to ask her for a light. Smith’s mother believes the man also walked around the neighborhood talking to several different people. Witnesses claim they heard Elliot on the phone speaking with someone.

He allegedly said, “Would you still love me if I killed someone?” Police were able to locate Elliot’s girlfriend and she mentioned that she had saw her boyfriend two hours prior. Detectives found Elliot after playing basketball at the court. During questioning officers spotted a cut on one of his fingers as well as what appeared to be blood on one of his shoes. Elliot’s girlfriend later demonstrated how he showed her he killed Smith.

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3 thoughts on “Man Believes God Told Him To Commit Murder

  1. Also, I failed to mentioned that we as parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, etc. should not always depend on others to help our children. We need to start when they are young “what got them this way”, is it the drugs I’m using or neglect or abuse, so many unhealthy things happen to young people and some are growing up seeking help out of those situations.

  2. I agree that the mentally ill people are not being treated and thrown in jail. I just don’t understand no one is fighting for these people and it’s like they don’t have heart for anyone. And I believe when you throw them in jail it only makes the situation worse, but the people who are doing so; guest what some of these people will be release. If you don’t think about yourself think about your children, your children children, etc. They need help and should not be thrown away and the medicine to me is not always a help.
    “God Bless America” not “Lets Make America Great Again”

  3. tedgravely on said:

    I sympathize for people that come in contact with mentally deranged folks. You never know what they might do, because they don’t know. This guy kills someone and goes to the basketball court, like it’s just another day. It’s only getting worse and local/state/federal officials aren’t addressing the mental health crisis that we have in this country. We’re being reactive and just throwing people in jails. If you don’t properly treat them, whoa is our society when they’re set free with no support structure.

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