Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘Dog Whistling The Bigots’


Donald Trump has “revived” Stop and Frisk by police in Chicago and he’d like to have it implemented nationwide.

Rev. Al Sharpton calls this an act of racism. He says that Trump is, “dog whistling the bigots.” Especially because when the issue was taken to court in New York it was found that the policy “was racially unbalanced.”

The argument for it was that it cuts down on crime but according to Sharpton crime went down in New York after they got rid of Stop and Frisk.

“It is not fighting crime. it’s fighting us,” says Sharpton. This in part “is why we’ve got to come out and vote and vote with a passion.”


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One thought on “Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘Dog Whistling The Bigots’

  1. The Truth on said:

    I will Never forget when 45 and Steve Gannon said they want to take this country back to the dark days meaning a white world and they have All the Control. People need to understand how Powerful Voting means to this Hateful World. People in POWER controls your life Economically, Phyiscially, Laws on place to Destory and Control You. I’m BEGGING YOU TO WAKE UP AND VOTE TO BE HEARD YOU LIFE AND YOUR CHILDREN,GRAND CHILDREN. ALL DEPEND ON IT. LOOK AND WHAT’S GOING ON WHAT DIRECTION WE ARE HEADED…WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN WE ALL HAVE COME TO FAR TO LET THIS HAPPEN. CHANGE WILL ONLY SAVE US..THIS GOING HATRED EVERYONE LOSES EVERYONE! PLEASE VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

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