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Kanye West meets with president-elect Donald Trump

Source: Supplied by WENN.com / WENN

Kanye West turned heads a couple weeks ago after wearing his “Make America Great Again,” hat while performing at SNL. After the show he spoke to the crowd about how he’s bullied for wearing the hat and praising Donald Trump. This week Kanye decided to get off of social media and has been pretty silent until now.


The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Kanye will head to the White House this week to speak to Trump as well as his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner. While having lunch, Kanye will allegedly be talking about job opportunities for former convicts. Reports also state that Kanye is trying to get Colin Kaepernick to meet with Trump as well, but he has yet to respond to his request.

A couple months ago Kim Kardashian met with Trump to get Alice Johnson released from prison. Kim was successful in the task and looks forward to helping out other prisoners that are serving sentences they don’t deserve. We will just have to wait and see what happens after Kanye meets with Trump.


Kanye West To Meet With Donald Trump And Tries To Get Colin Kaepernick To Do The Same was originally published on rickeysmileymorningshow.com

4 thoughts on “Kanye West To Meet With Donald Trump And Tries To Get Colin Kaepernick To Do The Same

  1. Kelly shoU Wright on said:

    T-rump will say that Kanye is one of the smartest educated black people in America. He will say more black people should follow Kanye West. that will anger Black ppo and make be ignoramus Trump followers further believe that black people are ignorant. It does not matter what they believe what we have to do is help our communities vote and commune together for our children’s home schooling and education own our own businesses and support them. We also need to push our neighbors children nieces and nephews into judge city councilman congressman state senate all the way up positions so we have the power over our own communities. This is my first comment on your DL app mr. Lee I hope it wasn’t too long! Show you right in the 623 AZ. 🙂 I love your show I just downloaded the app and I listen to you on iHeartRadio.

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