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Unfortunately, the list of Black people who had police called on them for doing regular activities is getting longer.

The New York Times reports that Corey Lewis, 27, was babysitting, as he often does, when he noticed he was being followed.

Lewis reportedly first noticed the woman when when she followed him across a Georgia Walmart parking lot. Lewis says that within minutes, he was live on Facebook detailing the incident with the woman who began, “stalking” them after he refused to let her talk to the children.

He is a Black man and the children he was caring for were white. “I didn’t know what was going on, what she wanted to do,” Lewis reportedly said on Tuesday. He believes that the woman called the police because he was a black man walking around with two white children. “I felt like my character was being criminalized.”

The Times reports that the woman followed Lewis and the children out of the parking lot, to the gas station across the street, and to his home. Lewis was questioned by an officer who ultimately cleared him of all suspicion.

The White Woman Who Called Police At A Black BBQ Has Become The Greatest Meme Of All Time
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30 thoughts on “Babysitting While Black: Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White Kids

  1. Same thing happened in the 80’same when my son”s gather was caring for my daughter/his adopted daughter. He is African American, she is Mexican American and European American. He took her to my office, cop followed them and questioned *me*. We have not grown up and I despair that we never will. As I worried for my husband, I now worry for my son.

  2. To me, where she went wrong was calling the police. Like it or not, this will raise eye brows. I can understand being “suspious” but as long as the kids did not look like they were in harm, then I would have known they were with him. Sorry but child sex rings are in these areas and we have to stay watchful. I would look even if this was vise versa. I said often times about that white guy who went to that black church looking odd. Yes, I will admit I would have found that a little odd and look, he turned out to b e a killer.

  3. Michael Middleton on said:

    These racist attitudes and actions by Whites are innate and they can’t help themselves. They were born with this belief about Blacks and have no empathy at all. These people suffer a condition called, Empathy Deficit Disorder (EDD) and it is a severe case of mental health. Therefore, we as Blacks can expect more and more of this type of behavior, especially in the age of Trumpism. Someone posted, call the police on them in retaliation. In other words, when they go low, return the favor until they feel the pain.

  4. Hanit Sintu on said:

    My Grandfather was Polish Jewish and babysat us his Black grandchildren in the South in the 50s/60s. It was an interesting time.


    Well for this beautiful young Brown man…he could have died!!! I guess some of you guys haven’t been watching the news where racist blood thirsty police officers SHOT TO KILL THEN SAY I FEARED FOR MY LIFE, WHILE BROWN BODIES ARE RIDDLED WITH 16 BULLETS. It is the most dangerous time for Brown citizens in this country while white people call the police for three reasons: hatred of Brown people existing, criminalize Brown people and the ultimate ending for our sons, fathers, daughters and mothers to be murdered in cold blood because these whites know cops come first with guns blazing!!!!! I am a Brown woman nooooo criminal history but when I see a cop anywhere around me or my neighbors I am terrified and praying that nothing BAD happens!

  6. Rhonda Gary on said:

    Those kids were too big to be willingly going with someone they didn’t know or shouldn’t have been with. You can tell from the way kids act if their fearful or nervous and judge if somethings not right. It was racist. I can understand the concern and because of that I probably would have let the kids speak to her. Although it was rude for her to attempt to do so without saying anything to him. He knew he was proper but he didn’t know what she was up to.

  7. I am Black, and I understand why most of you feel this way, but this is not a case of barbecuing while Black or selling water without a permit while Black. I am glad she called the police. Kids disappear every day. What if those kids were being kidnapped and she said nothing for fear of being called a racist. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself, and she would be crucified still.
    The police came, cleared it up, now everyone can go on with their lives. He says he works with kids every day, then he should understand all the terrible things that happens to kids.

    • Stay woke on said:

      So answer this. Why err on the side of caution for him? Would you say this if he was a white man? Of course you wouldn’t. But to give facts to your claim, most white kids are kidnapped by white people. Black folk rarely are kidnappers. So once again another sold out black person trying to give validation to something so clearly biased.

      • Stay woke, that is not true. when whites have black kids, they get looks; however it is common to see whites with adopted/friends black kids (does this happen to black women who are babysitting white kids? No because it common to have seen this even it the sistas gets looks; but to see a black man with white kids like this without a woman present is RARE so yes it is going to raise eye brow even more so.

    • If those kids had been of color..she would have ignored them period. She would not have entertained a thought that they might be in danger.

    • I agree pam and that is why I am not going to be judgemental on this situation. And if this guy would have been a child sex ring person then everyone would be saying “come on, a big black guy with two white kids and they saw nothing odd about that”. Again, I am not mad at her concern but she should not have called the cops.

  8. americanize on said:

    All white people in America are deputize when they called law enforcers and its a black suspect they are coming.No questions asked.This is what a race war looks like.

  9. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    This is how “see something, say something” works. You’re not going to be right 100% of the time, but if your vigilance prevents one real incident it’s worth it. Get over the butt hurt Peeps

  10. Autumn on said:

    Where the hell did black dude think he lives , certainly not in America the most racist country in the world..No surprise the cop didn’t believe him they never believe black ppl they murder black people. The Cop wasn’t concerned the cracker bitch stalked him.

  11. Justbeingme on said:

    White or black I wouldn’t want a man watching my kids if they are not family members and you can’t even trust some family members. But it doesn’t matter he was black that’s why she called not because he was a man. If it was a white man with black kids no white person or black persons would call the police. Because most black peoples don’t think like that we don’t see color only with in our race we only have a problem with each other. So black peoples need to start calling the police on white white people. We should call on them when they are walking or driving through our neighborhood. It’s getting ridiculous what lengths these racist white people would go to just to get rid of a black person

  12. Hmmmm. I don’t know. If I saw a white man with two black kids in a parking lot; it would raise my suspicions…this is is a rhetorical question and is in no way a reflection on this babysitter as I don’t know him; but I don’t think I would have a man watch my children while I wasn’t home. Its a very unusual thing.. Just saying; but again, he may be the best babysitter in the world.

    • I agree AA. Again, she should not have called the cops. That is where she went wrong to me but I will not blame her for being “suspious.” because it is odd.

  13. tedgravely on said:

    This same lady wouldn’t call the police on Catholic Priest that are molesting kids. How do I know? Look at all the money the Catholic Church has paid out for priests getting on little boys’ backsides and taking the innocence of little girls. Tell me how many are in prison? She wouldn’t call the police on white kids crying, acting the fool, or being carried out of a store by a white man. I bet money she hasn’t. The world is passing these racists by. She must have missed the memo that black men and white women date. He could have been babysitting. Nope that couldn’t have possibly entered her racist mind. Yes she is a racist. Yes that officer is a coward. Why believe the white woman over the black man? Oh yeah right, precaution. He’s feeding the kids, taking them to a gas station, pulls up to his own house. Yep he couldn’t know their parents or have a job. There is this assumption even by ignoramus on BAW that people aren’t working to make a difference and “all” white people are well meaning. Don’t let them coons breathe. That pink devil should get the spotlight she desires. Plaster her racist face all over social media. Don’t conflate the issues. This problem stands alone and must be addressed.

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