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A black family in Texas simply wanted to campaign for the man looking to unseat Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, but instead they were harassed by a belligerent white man who decided that they did not belong in the neighborhood.

According to Fox 26, the family posted a video to Facebook explaining the encounter with the white man who, by definition in the white man handbook section 401-b, which states that “white men own all parts of Texas and therefore can tell people of color where they can and can’t be with impunity,” promptly told the grandmother and her two granddaughters to leave the area.

“Yesterday, while doing this ‘American as apple pie’ activity within walking distance of my mother’s house, a man approached my mother and daughters and (among other choice words) demanded that they ‘go back where they came from’ because this is HIS neighborhood,” the young girls’ mother wrote on Facebook, Fox 26 reports.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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14 thoughts on “White Man Tells Black Family Campaigning for Senate Candidate Beto O’Rourke to Get Out of His Neighborhood [Video]

  1. DLatimer on said:

    Again WHite PEOPLE think they can say and do what they want. I don’t see WHITE people messing with other races. Let’s reverse this if this was a white family and a black person did this to them what do you think you happen to them? WAKE UP America GOD IS WATCHING YOU and your time is coming.

  2. Alberta on said:

    we need to start ignoring Caucasians when they say certain things. The issues they got have nothing to do with us they inherited their ways it’s their nature. So ignore them. If they lay hands on you Sue them. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. Ignore some Black ppl too. Lol Some things we say is crazy.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    First of all, stop calling Europeans white because there is nothing pure about them. Second of all when will the so called black and brown people stop letting the colonizers tell you this isn’t your land? When will you wake up and come together?

    • That’s exactly how we feel about you and your kind. Ain’t noooooo love for you on this website. Go find another street corner to sell your s–t on! We have this. Spewing your divisive rhetoric, won’t divide us. So if it’s slave mentality, call us CHICKEN GEORGE, TISSY or whatever, because we don’t care. Understand that?

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Reality check playa. The 12 Ammendment to Abolish slavery: Republicans voted 100%, Democrats 23%. You are being played and aren’t even smart enough to know it. #WalkAway

  4. tedgravely on said:

    You have an inherent right to self defense. These racist need to be taught a lesson and stop confronting our women and children. You can walk anywhere on a public area that you please. You don’t have to live in a neighborhood. We’re not chained dogs and can only go from the oak tree to the maple tree. These racist fools got it twisted. When you think someone is approaching you – start videoing. If you feel threatened, you have a right to defend yourself. Don’t engage or talk to these racist. Go about your business. Carry protection and get an attorney. Never talk to the gang in blue. That racist is sick.

    • CHARITY DELL on said:

      Tedgravely–I agree with all your strategies. I believe that no should “answer” these people or “obey” them for any reason. Victims are NOT obligated to follow instructions* from all these
      “wannabe enforcers.” Racist “enforcers” should be duly recorded; the police should be called on them; and the enforcer should be SUED. NON-COMPLIANCE to these “enforcers” should be employed at all times. NON-COMPLIANCE strips racist parasites of their power to oppress.

      *People being harassed are under NO OBLIGATION to:
      1. Produce identification;
      2. Explain anything;
      3. Follow any directive;
      4. Vacate the space (unless there is a clear and present danger to stay).

  5. CHARITY DELL on said:

    Walking with your family while Black.
    Another racist attempt to eject us from public space–we are here and we
    are NOT going away!

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