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Kevin Hart has no plans to fire back at Leslie Jones for her recent negative comments about him. But he was shocked that she put him on blast with her accusations.

As noted by, Leslie spoke out about Kevin when she gave a statement to Bossip that was in response to him using her name in his ongoing feud with Katt Williams.

After Kevin accused Katt of never helping anyone underneath him, Leslie clapped back at Hart, by accusing him of never putting any female comedians on his tour. She also shared with the outlet that Kevin once told her she’d “never make it” as a comedian.

So after Hart mentioned her in his rant against Katt, Leslie went off about what she considers his hypocrisy.

“Kevin was shocked by Leslie’s attack on him, it totally floored him, he thought they were tight, so the diss completely came out of left field,” a source close to Kevin exclusively told HollywoodLife. “Kevin prides himself on being a solid, stand-up guy, a good person, and over the years he’s given a lot of advice to fledging comedians, in addition to supporting them—so, Leslie’s attack on him really stung.”

Despite Kevin’s disappointment in what Leslie’s sad about him, he’s not planning on getting back at her anytime soon.

“Kevin isn’t one to immediately hit back, plus, he doesn’t want to get into a beef with Leslie, so he’s taking his time and thinking things over before he decides how to respond,” the source continued. “It was definitely hurtful reading what she said about him, but Kevin wants to take a step back for some reflection, and work out in his mind if she was justified in what she said.”

Leslie spoke out about Kevin when she gave a statement to Bossip that was in response to him accusing Katt of never helping any up and coming comic, Jones clapped back at him by accusing Hart of never putting any female comedians on his tour.

She also shared with the outlet that Kevin told her she’d “never make it” as a comedian.

Here’s what Leslie told Bossip in a statement: “Real talk both of them n***as need to keep my name out they mouth unless they using it to eat my p***y REAL TALK!!,” said an obviously angry Jones. She then added: “None of those n***as put me on or any woman. While he talking about Katt what did he do to put women on he didn’t help females they wasn’t on his tour F*CK THAT N***A!! At least Katt put me on his tour. Kevin could have put me on a long time ago but he never respected me or my comedy and trust I can call his card he know I can. Both Kevin and Katt was the same to women like all these n***as in this game. Sh*tty. and still is. Women have never had it good. At least Katt put women on his tour or shows. How many shows back in the day didn’t have a woman on them. Kevin that mf told me one time I would never make it.”

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13 thoughts on “Kevin Hart ‘Shocked’ By Leslie Jones’ Raunchy Diss

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Yes, that really is a dirty mouth. She could use some Orbit gum. Also, I didn’t even know she did stand up. Being funny on a show where someone else does the writing is not the same as getting on stage and coming up with jokes on the spot or even writing them yourself. And hasn’t Kevin helped pull Tiffany Haddish up?? Idk of any others, however i don’t remember male comedians typically bringing females comics on their tour. Seems to be pretty standard.

  2. Goldie 2 on said:

    Wow – Leslie portrayed herself as she really is [scuz bucket]. Kevin did exactly what he was supposed to do [stay silent and be a gentleman].

  3. I initially didn’t agree with the opinion everyone has of her appearance. But after she opened her mouth, I see where the boogerwolf description came from. I wonder if she kisses her mother with that mouth. I couldn’t spend five minutes listening to that sewer mouth on any stage.

  4. There was no other way she could have expressed herself, about this issue? “Eat your p”? Really? I’m sure many would have wondered if she even had one.

  5. Mr. Dark and Ugly no doubt has some issues regarding STRONG/INDEPENDENT WOMEN OF COLOR.

    His ass is probably ‘INTIMIDATED” by sistah’s who HAVE MORE TALENT THAN HIM!!!!!!!!!

  6. I understand her frustration, but why the filthy language? When are we going to stop using the N word to talk about
    each other. I can’t support ignorance, and she and Monique are two raunchy, foul mouth sisters.

    • Blackbeckie on said:

      i dont like cussing either but men and women curse not just women. and what she said was true alot of brothers dont help they sisters without the sex work.

  7. Justbeingme on said:

    Kevin didn’t put Leslie on because he doesn’t want anyone better than him on his show. And Tiffany is mediocre like him. She said Kat put her on his tour because Kat knows he is funny and can hold his own. But they all need to stop the nonsense leave that foolishness to these rappers.

  8. tedgravely on said:

    I respect Kevin immensely for not clapping back. Our men need to lift up our women. Perhaps Leslie isn’t what he wanted for an opening act or as a supporting actress. Sometimes styles don’t mix and you press on to the next. He has a movie with Tiffany. Perhaps Tiffany is easy to work with and complements his style. Leslie and Monique are raw. If you’re trying to portray an Alpha male and you’re short like Kevin and Katt – well….maybe, Leslie is overwhelming. Glad Kevin is moving past her frustrations. It’s a no-win.

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