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The Moody High School principal is just as outraged as the public over a photo that shows six of his white students standing on a Black male student, who’s lying face down on the floor with the caption “We got us one.” reports that the group of students from Moody, Alabama are all friends and claim the offensive image was meant to be a joke, but forward-thinking people are not amused.

“We have confirmed that all students involved are friends and participated voluntarily in creating the picture, which they say was intended to be a ‘joke’,” Principal Christopher Walters told on Monday. “The picture is offensive and unacceptable, and it does not reflect the values of our school, our students, or our community,”


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***Swipe*** This is from Moody High School in Moody Alabama. Every Friday during football season the students dress up, I guess as a spirit thing to excite the students. This past Friday was “Redneck Day.” Why you’d have a redneck day in 2018, is beyond me, but I’ll let that go for now. This photo is circulating with the students. One of those students (who shall remain nameless) happens to be a follower of mine and sent this to me. I sent it to the main office at the school, to the PTO and I’ve tagged several local news stations in Alabama. If you swipe through, you’ll see parents defending their kids who are in this photo, which I find disgusting. “This photo will follow them around forever!” “It was the black kid’s idea!” “My son is not a racist!” Ummm, I hate to break it to you cupcake, but everything about this photo is racist. And I don’t care if “the black kid” suggested it, why would anyone agree to stand with their foot on another human, with that kind of caption?!? Even in Alabama, which has a reputation for such things, as does my home state, this isn’t okay. The not racist thing to do is to stop defending your own offspring and concern yourself with what this type of behavior does to the other students of color who see it, or to their younger siblings and parents. I think they certainly deserve better than this.,Any school should drop the hammer on things like this AND redneck day! It’s 2018! Your vice principal is a black woman! Do the right thing and let this be a learning experience for these kids AND their parents! This should not be tolerated in and form, in ANY state! I’m in Tennessee and I see many trashy racist things but if this happened at my kids schools, I would be all up in their business until this was handled. Every kid in that photo should, at the very least, be suspended. It’s a learning experience @moodyhighschool Don’t pass it up. You have a responsibility here. The rest of your students and their parents are waiting….. @moodyspanishclub @moodydevilsden @mhs.seniorcouncil2019 @moodyfca @mhsmajos @moodyhscheer

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Social media users blasted the students and have rejected claims that “there’s nothing racist” about the photo.

“It’s disgusting, disgraceful and disturbing to see this picture and claim that there’s nothing racist about it! Why are there so many people in this country so proud of their ignorance and backward thinking?” one commenter said, per

Austin Glass, one of the White students in the photo, said it was taken “out of proportion” and that each grade level was participating in the theme of dressing up as different travel destinations, the report states.


Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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44 thoughts on “White Alabama Students Standing On Black Male With Caption ‘We Got Us One’ Causes Outrage

  1. joannetta w. jarman on said:

    the parent’s of the black student has NOT done their job! If they did this would not have been ok with him! Shame on them!!!!!!!!!

  2. James Chavis on said:

    MENTACIDE -Mental Slavery is worse than Physical Slavery. There is no place on the Globe called WHITE – so they are EUROPEANS wherever they are – and we are AFRIKAN – even though I understand using BLACK – the Land of the Blacks is AFRIKA – They have done and will continue to do what they have always done – which is cause HOLY HELL on EARTH – In WAR they call it TREASON – So i choose not to use coon,sell out,uncle tom etc etc etc – When not if he get his wake up call its gonna be a crushing blow – one that we see all they time – accompanied with the tears etc etc etc – EUROPEANS don’t even like each other – go research their history – violence violence and more violence – which they have proudly documented – Best statement/question i ever heard “where have EUROPEANS gone in the world and the NATIVES have been better off after they arrived ?? I’m waiting ??

  3. Bobby Travis on said:

    Cowboy someone need too pull Lil Green Horn aside and show him the difference. Sure they friends that’s GREAT but know the difference between tasteful humor and NOT tasteful. Only in Albama. Cowboy that

  4. Beatrice Brown on said:

    It’s just” Sick ” that our young Black Men fail to embrace the pride we feel from over 400 years of struggle in the world and all we have overcome as a people.I n this pic the last thing our ancestors would do is to allow people to walk all over us .He doesn’t even deserve to be Black.Can somebody take his Black card back .

  5. Renee Ranson on said:

    True History should be taught to really understand how far we come and how far we have to go .
    That is why I as an educated Black not agree with Monuments being torn down…If you don’t learn the Ugly how will you know to continue on a path of Good…Truly the school is the first culprit in this …for having a redneck day…the parents of all students are secondary in not instilling the true impact of racism and sensitivities and common sense into these children ..white and black alike…Very Sad

  6. Christianforreal on said:

    I agree with you all who commented on self love. The adults around this young man need to teach him to love and respect himself. This picture and supposedly because it was his idea shows that there is definitely a lack of self esteem going on here. I can’t agree that he’s set Black people to any degree, but I do agree that our young and influential Black children looking at this may think this is acceptable behavior and we need to make it clear that it isn’t. no matter what any other race thinks of you, you must express and be exuberant about the love and respect you feel for yourself and others will feel it and respect you too. That’s how we command respect!!!

    • What? This is the stupidity that makes everyone despise black people and also is why everyone knows you are stupid stupid people. The funny thing is even the black women support black men sleeping with white women because they see it as getting back at the evil white man but it in fact just shows that the black women are just as stupid as the men are. Damn, it should be considered a mental retardation just for being born black! Lol, wow

  7. When are they having Nat Turner/ Denmark Vesceyv Slave Revolt Day???? The young Brother who allied himself to be spoofed/ cooned beyond belief in this day and times now need his ass whipped. I hope you feel better about your self and can live this down… we’re waiting to hear from your simple sellout looking ass!

  8. Would it still be a joke if the pic had a group of black students posed the same way but with a white girl on the floor face down with the same caption? Just curious

  9. This right here breaks my heart and speaks volumes. As a mother of 3 Proud Black American Young Men, WE as a people have got to teach our children better!!!..I blame the misguided and under educated Black youth as much as I do the White ignorant youths in the picture. I blame the Black youth parents for not teaching him that he is not a joke and to have more integrity and self esteem about himself. However his parents probably don’t think much about themselves and feel inferior to white people. This town is probably one of those backward towns that still get away with out right racism. Please Kings and Queens teach our youth that they are not to below anyone’s feet but to stand above them with pride. Our ancestors had to take this type of treatment had scars so we never would have too….this makes me physically sick!!!…and please do not comment any racist BS to me because “this ain’t what you want”.



    Why is everyone upset, when the stupid Black Individual in the photo is evidently alright with it. I don’t see any guns pointed on him, nor any arm twisting. You can’t do anything about stupid. Therefore, if he like it I love it. If he can lay down to it, I most certainly can stand up to it.

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      Very bleak photo opt. This tells me that we as Blacks shouldn’t assume that our kids truly understand the deep racial issues in this society. I think we as Blacks need to be more proactive with appropriately teaching our kids the ills of America’s past and present problems with race.

      • You poor poor black people, just cant catch a break! Yes, him that racism is rampant and that black people are more racist and hateful than all the other races combined. Tell him the facts.

  12. Okay I agree it looks racist point blank even with the caption “we got us one” made it worst but let us try and look at the picture like they all have the same race (then it won’t be racist but instead stupidity). If the black kid doesn’t see it as racism but instead he sees it as a joke, don’t u think it’s us that should be called the racist here. Surely this is a big topic that I might not win but All I know is we are all racist if we don’t go with the fact that those kids + the black one are seeing it as a joke.

  13. White folks will tell you it’s a joke but it ain’t no joke.
    Like someone would want you to participate in a play and want you to act buffoonery, I tell them I ain’t going out like that and upon becoming a man I put those plays aside even in my church home. I told the pastor I’m too old to do plays. When you become a man you put away childish things, that young man don’t know the struggle African Americans had to go through, good for him hanging with those rednecks

  14. tedgravely on said:

    Phoenix Rising, spot on; vdabney722, #truth with fire. It’s tasteless and disturbing, but these high school kids are ignorant and immunized to the poisonous political climate. This is the only picture we should have seen, (; them standing as equals. You wonder if young smiling Nick Fuller let them willingly put a boot on his back because he yearns to “fit in,” or experiencing self hatred. His comraderie with his “friends” should be at an all time high. I shudder thinking that he feels the need to shuck and jive, high noon coon, be a joke (pet), disrespected, or be submissive to assimilate. Hopefully, it was a thoughtless youthful indiscretion.

  15. That black student’s parents need to sit him down and give him a history lesson. He should be ashamed of himself to let those white boys stand on his back and claim “We got us one” . He’s fooling himself is he thinks those white boys are his friends. One of them with an once of brains should have thought this wasn’t a good idea. Every one of them is stupid.

    • This is representative of a bigger problem when minorities especially Black males are trying to fit in and there are very few Black students that attend the same school. I agree it is wrong, and that Black young man needs education about himself and support to have the courage to let those so called friends know that their joke is not funny and would not be tolerated!!!!

  16. Phoenix Rising on said:

    There’s all different types of people in this world. You got white americans, you got rednecks, you got crackas, and you have honkies. Then you have black americans, you got negroes, then you have n*ggas. This here, this right here, is a case of dumb @ss rednecks and one dumb @ss n*gga.


    To me, this is offensive to Human Beings who stand for what is right for all people. It’s stale and it’s leftover.

  18. That photo is totally DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

    white folks PLANTATION MENTALITY in the State of Alabama is APPALLING!!!!!!!!!!!
    They must be some of CHUMP’s base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Justbeingme on said:

    He is in school but he is uneducated. If is a young dumb negroe to allow these white cave mongers to make a fool of him. He is more at fault than these white people he thinks is his friends.

  20. ABSOLUTELY OUT OF ORDER !!!!And as for the Black young man , your PARENTS should sit you down for a BLACK HISTORY LESSON !!! I know you are not being taught about TRUE HISTORY of YOUR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  21. americanize on said:

    In my thinking the young black kid needs a lesson in history to allow these young white supremacist to bullshit him into doing some shit like that.By the way the white terrorist group the klu kiux klan started out as a joke.

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