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Good Morning Everybody!

Thank so many of you for your happy birthday wishes. I turned 39 yesterday and got to spend most of the day with my family and doing some work that I love.

Before I jump in on some of the very important news stories that I want to update you on, I want to say a special thank you to many of our listeners. You may have seen online that my older brother, Jason, who has been one of my best friends and defenders for my entire life, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I shared a fundraiser for his family. He has a wife and two young kids. And so many of our listeners saw that fundraiser and gave and I wanted to take a moment out to thank you all. It means the world to me and it means the world to his whole family.

I hate cancer so much. It has basically come in like a roaring lion and wrecked his whole body in no time. I’ve seen it from far away with people, but seeing it up close like this has been absolutely devastating. I made some arrangements last night and am on my way to be with him this week and just wanted to thank you all again for your support.

Life is precious and fleeting. I spoke with my sweet mother last night and she flat out told me that she didn’t think there was any way in the world I was going to outlive my brother. With all the death threats I receive, and the work I do, none of us had ever considered that something would happen to him, before me.

Switching gear for a moment – I had planned on speaking with you this morning exclusively about the Botham Jean case. If by chance you are not familiar, Botham Jean is the 26 year brother who was shot and killed by Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger in his own home after she claimed she walked into his home on accident. The Dallas Police and the Texas Rangers have continued to mismanage this case from top to bottom – going so far as to suggest that finding marijuana in his apartment had something to do with his character.

Based on everything we’ve heard, we’ve grown to believe they probably even planted that there themselves.

But I want to give you an update on a protest that happened there in Dallas on Sunday. A small group of peaceful protesters were arrested on Sunday evening after the Dallas Cowboys football game. It was our expectation that they’d be released on Sunday night. We were frustrated when we eventually found out that they would not be released until yesterday morning. Mind you – when Amber Guyger was arrested for murdering Botham Jean, she was booked and released within an hour. So when they decided to keep these protesters over night we were frustrated.

Then, we started seeing that all day yesterday they were preventing them from seeing a judge or being released. And they did the unthinkable. They kept them in jail all day yesterday, all night last night, and they are still in jail now. They haven’t even been properly arraigned or brought before a judge.

They were arrested for impeding traffic. All were non-violent & unarmed. This is outrageous and illegal.

Amber Guyger was in jail for less than 1 hour after she was arrested for murdering a man. And these brave protesters are going on 48 hours. They are doing this to make them lose their jobs and cause harm to their families. Local attorneys have now filed suit against Dallas for this and we need to continue to put pressure on the city to release these peaceful men and women right away. I want to tell you how you can help.

Call: 817-884-3000 // Demand they be released.

  1. Lelani Russell

    2. Miracle Freeman

    3. Michael Lowe

    4. Dion Williams

    5. Stepanie Briant

    6. Devote Peters

    7. Daryl Burnham

    8. Melissa Perry

    9. Arminta Jeffers


When you call it’s simple – just say that you are calling to demand that the 9 people above be released immediately. Tell them that you are frustrated that Amber Guyger spent less than an hour in jail before she was released and that that these unarmed, non-violent protesters have been kept for days is just wrong.

Speak your heart and let them know how you feel!

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