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A 12-year-old in Iowa stood face-to-face with his teacher, pointing a loaded gun at the instructor’s face, reports The Washington Post.

The  boy, who has not been named, because he is a minor, had taken the gun to class on the morning of August 31, and told the other children to drop to the ground, according to court documents cited by the Quad-City Times. Then he aimed at his teacher, and pulled the trigger, but the safety stopped it from going off, according to the documents.

The boy appeared in juvenile court Monday and was charged with, attempted murder and having a weapon on campus, according to WQAD. He is currently being held at a local Juvenile Detention Center, according to the Times. Next month, a judge will determine whether the case will be moved to adult court.

According to the Quad-City Times:

In a motion arguing for his release, the boy’s attorneys said all weapons have been removed from his home, the family is seeking mental health treatment and the boy is to be home-schooled by his stay-at-home mother following his expulsion from school. The defense attorneys also suggested the court could place the boy on GPS monitoring as the case moves forward.

State laws allow for juvenile court proceedings to be held behind closed doors. But the prosecuting attorney in Scott County has asked the court to try the boy as a youthful offender, which means the trial proceedings would happen in adult court if the judge approves. If convicted as a youthful offender, the boy would be supervised by the juvenile court system until his 18th birthday, then be sentenced in adult court.

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7 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Boy Pointed Loaded Gun At Teacher, Pulled The Trigger, But Safety Was On

    • Charity Dell on said:

      This kid may have had other issues, such as:
      1. Prior bullying by other students;
      2. Explosive situations at home;
      3. Being bullied in the neighborhood BEFORE s/he goes to school;
      4. Fear or threat of gang activity.

      Some kids start carrying weapons when threatened by kids in gangs in their

  1. You can probably count the number of Black folks in Iowa-therefore, this could be a white boy who did this.

    Either way-this is NOT good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was only by the Grace of God that the safety was on the gun when this kid decided to point the gun and pull the trigger at the teacher.

    This POS deserves a serious TIMEOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charity Dell on said:

      L–I would like to know WHY this child decided to bring a gun to school;
      WHY a gun was brought this early in the school year;
      WHY there was no metal detector at the school to detect weapons;
      WHY a gun was available to this child in the first place!

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