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A Smithville, Ohio, school resource officer was put on unpaid leave after allegedly using her taser to wake up a student who was sleeping during class reports News 5 Cleveland.

The incident happened on Aug. 30 at Liberty Preparatory School. The male student, who is a junior, wouldn’t wake up for the teacher or Interim Principal Jenna Parnell.

That’s when Officer Maryssa Boskoski, 32, walked to the classroom with Parnell and activated the taser a few feet away from the student.

It has been reported that no probes were deployed and the taser did not touch the student. And, the sparking noises and commotion caused the student to finally wake up.

News 5 reports that Panrell was stunned by Boskoski’s actions.

The police chief Howard Funk said that Boskoski violated the use of taser policy, and is planning to meet with the village solicitor to see if any criminal charges should be filed.

“It’s unfortunate and I’m disappointed that this took place. It’s something I would not have expected from any of our officers,” Funk told the station.

Earlier this year, a report detailed that she neglected to remove the cartridge from a taser prior to a spark test. As a result, the taser deployed close to another officer.

Boskoski was warned that future incidents of negligence could subject her to disciplinary action.

Liberty Prep sent out a letter to parents and guardians making them aware of the situation and noting that they were cooperating with the police.

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6 thoughts on “Ohio School Resource Officer Activated a Taser to Wake a Sleeping Student

  1. TerriJune on said:

    A taser for a literal wake-up call?!? I think the pre-45 would have had the answer to that act of misuse of power … You’re FIRED! “Power corrupts … and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  2. TerriJune on said:

    A taser for a literal wake-up call?!? I think the pre-45 would have had the answer to that act of misuse of power … You’re FIRED!

  3. tedgravely on said:

    That is ridiculous. They kill me with these investigations. She should be Fired. Fired. Did I say, “Fired.” It’s okay because no probes touched the student. WTF! Damn. It is a crime to sleep in class – the punishment is tasing. They need to strip this foolish woman of her qualified immunity. If she deploys a taser on a sleeping student, it’s not a reach to believe that she will just shoot her firearm at will and justify it later. Idiot with Authority.

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