Candace Owens is back in the headlines this week, and this for criticizing academic disciplines that over little value to society.

Administration officials at West Point Consolidated School District located in West Point, are currently being dragged over allegations of racism and white privilege after two Black teens were forced to share the titles with two white students.

The assignment led to a recently-dismissed lawsuit from the family of a Black student with autism, but it's a bit of a slippery slope when determining if it was a fair decision to throw out the case.


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The nation’s two largest teachers unions want schools to revise or eliminate active shooter drills, asserting Tuesday that they can harm students’ mental health and that there are better ways to prepare for the possibility of a school shooting. The American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association joined with the […]


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — When $525,000 in state funding was cut from a popular school truancy program she runs to help students in rural northeastern Michigan, Dorothy Pintar held off as long as possible on reducing staff. But last week, nearly two months into a budget impasse in the Capitol, she drove to Oscoda County […]


LeBron James is seriously dedicated to helping his students, and he proves that time and time again. The baller is now adding safe housing to the school he founded in his hometown, so that students have a stable place to live while they get their education. Text “RICKEY” to 71007 to join the Rickey Smiley Morning […]

Kids these days have it so easy! Huggy says, his mama had him in wrangler jeans that were so stiff he had to walk like a toy soldier. His lunchbox was softer than his jeans! He says he basically looked like a “part time construction worker.” Kids even order Uber Eats for lunch, “they don’t know […]


Outrage is building in a New Jersey school district surrounding plans to strictly enforce a policy of denying food to students who are more than $20 in lunch debt. The Cherry Hill School District’s Board of Education has faced pushback since early August after Assistant Superintendent Lynn Shugars proposed giving tuna sandwiches to students who […]

Today a lot of kids are headed back to school and we’re praying for a safe school year. With all of the stories of shootings and whatnot people are understandably worried. Some school districts have allowed teachers to carry guns and Tom, Sybil and Guy worry what all of this talk of guns does to […]

The school year is here and that means moms will be doing a lot of back to school shopping! On the shopping list is of course a backpack. Now there’s a new option, bullet proof. Would you buy your child a bullet proof backpack? Kym wants to see more research done on the bags and […]

A Maryland 10-year-old after he brought play money on the school bus. Now, his mother is looking for answers. The Montgomery County school has admitted that mistakes were made, Fox 5 reports. Tiffany Kelly bought fake money on Amazon to help her son, Sadiq, learn to count, she told Fox 5. The play money is […]

Roland Martin and Dr. Steve Perry are in agreement that we need to take control of our kid’s education. Perry asks, “When have we trusted the government to educate or do anything for us?” And insists that we must take control of educating our kids because they are our future. Martin shoots down the idea that […]