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Kandi Burruss just set the record straight on the reports that her marriage is in trouble.
Radar Online recently reported that Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been at odds a lot lately. The most recent argument centering around a really lavish gift that Kandi got for her daughter’s 16th birthday.
The reality star bought Riley Burruss what every 16-year-old wants: A car.
But not just any car, Burruss gifted her daughter with a $100,000 white Porsche Macan with red leather seats and personalized interior.
Kandi wrote: ‘I had to surprise my baby girl @rileyburruss today with her car. Her #Sweet16 is tomorrow but I figured she would be super surprised & not expecting anything if it was the day before her bday. I put the nickname that @nickiminaj gave her on the floor when you open the car door. #Rilez’
However, it was reported that Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker was less than thrilled about Riley’s new car.
Radar Online reported that Tucker “hit the roof” after hearing the amount she dropped for the gift. He allegedly became so furious that the two “got into a nasty and heated argument.”
“Todd was livid Kandi bought Riley such an expensive car and they had a huge fight,” an insider close to the couple shared with the site.
“Todd told Kandi she’s spoiling Riley and preferred she get a Honda Civic as her first car,” the insider continued. “Kandi basically told Todd to mind his own damn business and that it’s her own money that she’s using to spoil her daughter.”
It has been reported that Kandi took to Instagram to respond to a fan comment under a blog that reposted the story: “girl im convinced those blogs made that story up for click bait.”
So it looks like all is well in the Tucker house.




15 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Finally Makes A Statement Amid Reported Marital Drama

  1. Terry Pringle on said:

    I’m sure they live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but I would still be concerned about my child getting carjacked riding around in such an expensive vehicle. Yes, I know the same could happen driving a Civic, but this car draws extra, extra attention.

  2. Black beckie on said:

    Black men hate’n on teenage girls in alot of these comments if she would have given a son this gift, they would have been yeeeeeaaaaah.

  3. ladydayforever on said:

    The best lessons you can give your children is how to earn money invest it for their future. Gifting your 16 year old a $100K super car is not the way. That “keeping up with the Jones'” mentality is why so many tv personalities end up in the poor house.

  4. hoodtechie on said:

    Any parent black/white/whatever that buys their child a $100,000 Porsche at 16yrs of age deserves what they get.I get it it’s your money, but you also have a husband whom you should have consulted with before you made that purchase.You saw fit to tell him to mind his business but when you fall on hard times don’t be afraid when he tells you the same thing. This is why black marriages , especially celebrity marriages don’t last.Yeah you go ahead and listen to all these single, unmarried and never will be married bloggers if you want.You will be in the same boat that they are in bitter, mad and immature whom no man wants to deal with.You could have took that $100,000 and put it into investment fund and let her learn the power of compound interest and still bought her a civic or corolla and at the same time stopped an argument with your husband. Guess I’ll be reading next how your marriage didn’t work out all because you want to be the big boss.

    • Terry Pringle on said:

      I agree with everything you said except the part about black marriages. Whites behave the same way & most are staying married 5 minutes, then divorcing. I’ll take it a step further. Whites, especially the men, have taken to killing their spouses & sometimes their children too when it hits the fan. And from what I see 2 things contribute to the demise of both black & white marriages, money & infidelity.

  5. Tangelo on said:

    It’s indeed her hard earned coins but I think that should been at discussed and why not a graduation gift instead. Doing so she will be more experienced driving wise.

  6. Mr. Todd needs to be civil a and not fight with his wife , his wife needs to make sure that this young girl gets the proper defensive driving lessons . it must be that she is a good respectful loving daughter and her Mom is proud and happy to be able to afford her such a gift. Why not? .

  7. Give your daughter whatev you damn well want.You work ur ass off so u don’t have to ask no ones permission. Go ahead boss lady

  8. Terri Welch on said:

    It is her money that she worked hard for ,so treat your daughter. People in other cultures give the best for there children, so why not,that is the problem with our culture we don’t believed that we are worth the best.YES YES KANDI .

  9. should not be your first car no matter how much you have, unless you worked for it,not to mention got some driving experience behind it, dont like todd think hes a complete leach, but i do agree with him on this one.

  10. Pamela Jones on said:

    Although it’s her money the respectful thing was to at best inform Todd what she was going to buy Riley. Save an argument and respect your marriage. Just out of respect…just sayimg.

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