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“Did you know that less than 60 percent of eligible African American citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election? This undermines our power as a people, and I am not willing to give my vote and my power away,” Common said in a new video.

He went on to say he’s not going to “allow anyone else to make decisions for my family and my future.”

“I am teaming up with Mrs. Obama and all of you to change the culture around voting and to get the conversation started with our family, friends, and coworkers,” he added.

When We All Vote’s Week of Action will take place September 22-29. To get more details on how you can help register, organize and fire people up, visit www.whenweallvote.org.

Michelle Obama Through The Years
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3 thoughts on “Common Teams Up With Michelle Obama To Encourage Voting [Video]

  1. Nestor Phillips on said:

    How dare you request us to vote for the very people who committed Crimes Against ALL OF AMERICA! Michelle put down the American Flag in an open mic. Obama put down the blacks in favor of PLANNED PARENTHOOD! There are billboards erected from planned parenthood suggesting black women cannot be going mother’s unless we abort. Black women are single handedly raising children without males. Michelle cut food to school children while their fake daughters had chef prepared meals at private school at the American tax payers dollar. HE/SHE charged wigs, clothes, vacations on the American tax payers dollar. Obama demanded Invasion of America and they are receiving welfare, housing that is being taken from the black communities. Most of the illegals are subservient to polititians, Hollywood elite. Which means they have another race to be slaves. Obama was voted to be the first African American President in hopes he would accomplish for the black communities. What did he do ? He defended Iran and ignored the black American.

    • John Devane on said:

      For every person like you, I pray there are a thousand who don’t think like you and BTW forget you and you pent up ignorance

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