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Chicago Police

Photo By Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Chicago police department has been accused of allegedly leaving a partially open parked a truck filled with Nike sneakers in a Black neighborhood, with the goal of entrapping people. When people went to take shoes out, the police surprised them and arrested them.

The response on social media has been strong. Videos show locals protesting against the bait tactics and confronting police, while other posts suggest the initiative is blatant prejudice.

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When they ask you why arrest and crime is so highly in black communities. Remind them they do set ups and baits in black communities. They don’t try and criminalize the people in white communities. ————————————————–@realnegus_wakenup3 ・・・ August 2, 2018 The Chicago Police parked a truck filled with boxes of Nike Shoes in front of kids in a predominantly Black Community, opened it and when they hop in, the Police jump out on them and arrest them (The same way they give us unequal opportunities, put guns & and drugs in our communities but lock us up for it)…thoughts? "Dirty Muthafuckaz"! ————————————————–#therealremyredd #Blackmedia #BotherVex #blackinamerica #BlackLivesMatter #blackhistoryiseveryday #BlackHistory #blackhistorymonth #StephCurry #Lebron #Nas #Beyonce #beyoncé #KimKardashian #cardib #nickiminaj #justiceforchikeshaclemons #MarkeisMcGlockton #JusticeForMarkeisMcGlockton #JusticeForDesmond #NFL #justiceforjunior #JusticeforAntwonRose #getthestrap #inmyfeelingschalleng #ThisisAmerical

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The use of bait vehicles is said to be a common police tactic in high-crime areas throughout the US, and is often used to stamp out car theft.

Check out the video below:


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44 thoughts on “Chicago Police Allegedly Left ‘Bait Truck’ Full Of Nike Shoes In Black Neighborhood

    • Reasonable, ordinary, and prudent people would call the police, not break into the vehicle and steal, no matter your situation. If a pound of cocaine appeared on your doorstep, with instruction on how to sell it and how much you’d earn, what would an honest person do? This is another example of us not taking responsibility for our actions.

  1. Chicago man on said:

    They never put a bait truck in a all white trailer park. They give the meth heads and opioid abusers assistance

    • I’m willing to bet those same negros will plead ignorance when asked about the 78 shooting and 10 deaths that took place in that same area. #13%99%

      • TheGun on said:

        “Negros?” Do you really think anyone here doesn’t think you are just a low-key white supremacist? Cause your disguise is thin as hell. Go fuck yourself nazi.

  2. Police have been using bait vehicles for a long time. It is a good way to catch criminals. If you read the article it says they left it in a high crime area. Only a criminal would even think about getting in it to steal shoes. If you are honest you would call the cops and tell them there is a truck full of shoes instead of trying to steal them.

  3. CMason on said:

    Unfortunately, this is what’s important to alot of US!! We don’t think about the future let alone plan for it! We have nothing to pass along to the next generation! We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down so much, frickin tennis shoes are what’s important to us! My beautiful brothers and sisters, we got to do better!! But how? I ask this every GD day!

  4. lakawak on said:

    What a disgustingly racist thing to do.

    I mean write this article implying that black people can’t control themselves and just have to steal.

    and considering how many black men and boys murder OTHER black men and boys for these sneakers, they are doing them a favor. Wouldn’t you rather be arrested for stealing than murder?

    • It’s disgusting that people are upset. We are talking about the same people who have no issue with 75 people shot and 10 dead over the course of a weekend.

  5. If you know that the sneakers don’t belong to you why take it. I’m so happy I had a father in the home whom raise me right, because if I’d brough a pair of sneakers home and he didnt buy it, I would have definitely gotten me a behind cutting and he would have made me return the shoes.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Thank God for good old school black parents…my dad would have beat me with the sneakers, made me take them back AND apologize for taking them. We need strong, involved parenting like that today…all we have now are people’s excuses for bad and criminal behavior.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    What’s so ironic and funny is that some of y’all complain about the white man calling you inferior, stupid, etc…and y’all are up here saying the same thing! So black folks can’t think for themselves, are dumb enough to steal obviously suspicious merchandise, lack self-control and responsibility…wow! I swear some of y’all are the real white supremacists…stop making excuses for stupid behavior…that’s how we end nonsense like this.

  7. americanize on said:

    The race soldiers can go undercover and set up bait cars,but can,t go undercover and stop the killings.Its a know fact the race soldiers are planting crates of guns in alleys in Chicago,and also isolated box cars full of guns in the black community.If these killings were taking place on the north side trust me law enforcers would be out in full force.This is what a race war looks like.Black America you have no friends.

  8. Christianforreal on said:

    I believe the big picture here is what’s the purpose? I don’t believe that it matters much whether the truck was put in a Black Neighborhood or a White neighborhood. I can see a difference it it was put in an affluent neighborhood, or one with mostly elderly people. However put this truck in an impoverished neighborhood, Black or White and people are going to investigate and come away with the items in that truck. Nonetheless, what’s the point of this endeavor? Why waste taxpayer dollars? The jail and courts will be full of petty criminals that the city police department has enticed and entrapped. Oh I get it!!!! This endeavor will produce more funds for the city in fines and courts costs and bails. The more people who fall for the okie-doke, the more money the city can collect in funds. However do they not realize that the people that are stealing the shoes off that truck can’t afford the fines imposed upon them. Seriously cruddy!!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Good point, impoverished blacks and whites behave the same under the same conditions but yet the experiments are set up in the black neighborhoods. And yes, they shouldn’t be stealing but why temp the impoverished and ignorant. They could have found a better way to use tax payer’s money. Park a sneaker truck in front of a meth infested trailer park and see what happens.

  9. The 1 on said:

    Unbelievable, Chicago had 70 people shot and several lives killed this past weekend and no one know nothing. Chicago PD put out a bait vehicle and people record it, scream racism, and make excuses for the thieves. This folks is why no one respects us!!!

  10. tedgravely on said:

    Do an open records request and see if this happens in white subdivisions. The answer is no. Having said that, those kids (most likely) should be taught that if it ain’t yours, don’t touch it. There is also cruelty with this racist experiment. Some kid has been wearing the same raggedy shoes for months and his parents don’t have funds to replace them. Or knowing that these young teens love sneakers and probably think someone abandon them in a stolen car. Another group of friends could have been hanging out, and convinced their buddy (who never been in trouble), that hey this is okay. Neither scenario justifies sticky fingers, but why dangle or tempt the already desperate? It’s always one experiment after another with the black community. What’s next, another Tuskegee Experiment. Offer free vaccines and inject people with an infectious disease. Some of you backwards fools would help racists justify killing the Man of God.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Are you kidding??? No, sadly, based on all your posts, you’re not…for people with common sense; if a suspicious looking sneaker filled truck is in your neighborhood, that’s all the re reason not to go near it!!! As long as you keep coming up with excuses, our communities will continue this downward spiral…

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Racist, if YOU knew ANYTHING about work tools and business suits you’d know that the good ones actually cost MORE than most Nike shoes. A good set of work tools can cost more than $2,000. Some business machines can cost between $25,000 to $50,000. And a good business suit can cost a pretty penny on the market too. But I’ll bet you knew that, didn’t you??

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Are you really this obtuse? He meant that the thugs would have no purpose for tools and business suits, since the majority of Chicago’s minorities are content to live live on social services. Come correct gurl

  11. So, let me see if I understand the reason for the outrage. People see something that clearly doesn’t belong to them, they decide to help themselves, get arrested and people get angry. Would these same people get angry if they set something down, turned away for a moment and it disappeared? They were baited, but whose fault is it that they took the bait? As for the lady complaining about guns and drugs being brought into the neighborhoods, it doesn’t matter how guns and drugs are brought into neighborhoods. They could be driven in by the truckloads. It doesn’t mean we have to pick them up. When we do, the only ones to blame is us.

  12. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Instead of being proactive in stopping and preventing crime, they are creating it…..People you have to vote!

  13. African American Woman on said:

    Uh yeah…don’t steal the sneakers and you’ll be fine…hopefully, some of those killers and gangbangers were caught.

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