Inside Her Story: Everyone Should Participate In The #DoNotMoveOffTheSidewalk Challenge


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with author Hannah Drake about the  #DoNotMoveOffTheSidewalk challenge.

Drake challenges people of color to stay on the sidewalk and hold their space for the next 24 to 48 hours. She says do not move on purpose for a white person. Too often people of color move out of the way of white people as if they own the space.

An incident at the airport sparked the challenge. Drake was on the moving walkway and saw a black lady moving quickly so she stepped aside to let her pass but the white man in front of her didn’t move. Instead of asking the man to move the woman just stopped behind him as if, “what he wanted to do was more important than her getting to her gate.”

Drake says this has to stop, we must hold our space!

You can connect with Drake on her website.




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2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Everyone Should Participate In The #DoNotMoveOffTheSidewalk Challenge

  1. Justbeingme on said:

    I feel it’s a good thing black people need to show these white people that they are not inferior to us that we will not continue to let them try to intimidate us. Martin and Malcolm and our ancestors did sit in and human barriers against the white people. It’s okay to be out here doing these dance challenges and singing challenges but it’s a problem when you want to do a challenge of importance racism is still very strong in this country we have to take and stand these white people think it’s okay to call the police on us and our children and disrespect us if we don’t do something about it they will continue to do it. It’s not like we are going to riot or try to hurt them. It’s not only about not moving out there way it’s about letting them know it’s not there country and they should respect us as a human being. So why not. I’m 54 years old and it seems like we are going back in time with all this racism.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    This is one of the dumber ways to waste energy and time…no wonder other people laugh at us…so, you’ll have idiots standing in the middle of the sidewalk…if only we spent time obsessing about bettering ourselves as a people rather than doing dumb childish shit that proves nothing except walk around the dummy blocking the sidewalk. Embarrassing and stupid

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