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(Photo credit: Twitter @PelhamPoliceAL)

Not many people would be willing to walk all night to get to work in the morning. But Walter Carr, a 20-year-old college student in Alabama did just that.

Carr was hired by Bellhops moving company and was assigned to help a family move over the weekend. This was his very first assignment and his car broke down the night before. The family lived 20 plus miles away from Carr’s home but instead of taking the day off he decided to walk. After putting it into his GPS and seeing that the trip would take about 7 hours, he began walking at midnight to get to work at 8 A.M.

Pelham, Ala. Police spotted Carr when he was about four hours into his walk. After learning that his car had broken down the night before, and that he had been walking since midnight, the officers bought him breakfast. After breakfast they dropped Carr off at a church and told him that they would send another officer to check on him soon.

Carr told USA Today that he rested for a while before he started walking again. He had less than 4 miles to go when another officer pulled up to check on him. “He said, ‘Are you Walter Carr?’ and he was like, ‘Get in the car, I got you,'” Carr said.

The Officer took Carr to the home Jenny and Chris Lamey, the family the Bellhops company was scheduled to help move. Carr shared his story and with Jenny Lamey, who then shared it with the world.

Her post went viral on Facebook, she told the story of Carr’s 2003 Nissan breaking down the night before and that even after walking over half of his trip, Carr declined her offer to rest before the rest of the moving crew arrived, getting right to work.

Lamey described Carr as humble when she asked him to tell an employee of the moving company what he did to get there. “Walter said ‘I walked’. That was it. Humble. I asked him to share a little more and when he did, the crew was in awe of him too! I don’t know that Walter would have shared if I hadn’t asked him to.”


Lamey’s post went viral on Facebook and got the attention of the CEO of Bellhops, Luke Marklin, who decided to surprise Carr with a gift. On Monday July 16, he gifted Carr his 2014 Ford Escape.


Lamey has since started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for Carr. It has raised nearly $8,500 in just one day, far exceeding the $2,000 goal.


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19 thoughts on “Man Who Walked 20 Miles To Work Gifted A Car

  1. rylandstewart on said:

    This is one of the most incredible, awe-inspiring stories I’ve ever read. So glad there was a rainbow at the end of his journey and kudos to the people that raised him and the policemen who helped him on his journey. With that kind of integrity, morals and commitment, this young man is going far. Oh, how I loved this story.

  2. I often get called names and is accused of being a white racist, and an Uncle Tom (which is an honor, since Uncle Tom was a hero). But this story and many more like it, that don’t get the attention this one is getting is the reason I don’t stampede with the herd. Bless this business owner and bless this young man. He will go far.

  3. Mrknowitall on said:

    You have to be some special kind of racist not to show the photo of the European American woman that donated her car to this guy.

    • rylandstewart on said:

      The GUY who donated his car to this incredible young man is named Luke Marklin. Don’t believe he’s a woman as you erroneously wrote in your comment. Where’d you get that female donor from.

  4. Justbeingme on said:

    Such an awesome young man very dedicated and so humble. Blessings that is such an inspiring story god was walking with him.

  5. African American Womanto on said:

    This is what makes us human beings…care for your fellow human being…this is why I despise racists and other hateful, toxic people…and, yes, racists come from all walks of life and each one is a pathetic waste of skin, air and space

    • rylandstewart on said:

      I’m an African-American woman and I’m wondering why you felt the need to bring racism into this beautiful story. We have enough negativity in this world and we certainly don’t need spoilers trying to turn this into something it isn’t. Please read these articles first and if it’s a great story, pass on making comments like these. Pay attention to that old saying, “People can imagine that you’re real smart until you open your mouth!”

      • African American Woman on said:

        You must be new or blind…take notice of the running theme on BAW-articles and comments…

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