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Tamar Braxton shocked fans when a photo appeared online of her enjoying a stroll with estranged husband, Vincent Herbert.

Rumors have been swirling that the two reunited and put their divorce on pause.

They recently spent time together celebrating son Logan’s 5th birthday, so it seems the couple made peace after Vince’s cheating drama and domestic abuse allegations.

See the innocent image below.


A fan remarked on the happy reunion: “I think you all should leave the show and heal; I would rather see you all get it together, f@ck entertaining. Prayers for you all. She wasn’t doing any more albums. I try to listen closely to “blind” it really references her life/marriage/relationship, but maybe that is what Bluebirds of Happiness is to her…her happiness in everything.”

Another commenter stated: “It just bothers me to see a life spent wasted on a person clearly who doesn’t love you deeply and you wasting time on someone you can never truly trust. I saw it with people in my family, so it taught me never to accept this behavior, so I never did. I got rid of men once I lost interest who didn’t want to go. I never cheated on them, but they couldn’t let go. Happy Tamar found her happiness.”

A third wished Tamar well by sharing her own experience with a man who cheated.

“I dated a man for eight years, and he cheated on me after three years of us dating I took him back because I loved him and I didn’t want the other woman to have him after eight years of us dating. I let him go because deep down inside I was pretending because I felt that I was too good for what he did to me and I believe that he would do it again I wasted a lot of my time I will never pretend again I can’t ever forget that he hurt me. Some women can forgive and forget and start all over as nothing has happened I can’t. I kept a wall up I salute Tamar because she can, but it’s not for me.”

Many Tamar Braxton fans would agree that she knows best when it comes to her own happiness.

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29 thoughts on “Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over Tamar’s Reunion With Estranged Husband

  1. Sandra on said:

    This man assisted me in hacking my cheating husband phone without touching his phone contact him via+16282035722

    • You said a mouthful. He is way too gross to be so arrogant, but she seems to pretend to like it. Plus I don’t think they ever separated. I think it was all for show. Just my opinion tough.

  2. TerriJune on said:

    As they say, if she likes it I love it! They aren’t the only mere mortals who have tried to work things out in their personal relationships. Besides they were “seen together”, they haven’t made any formal announcements, and so what if they do forgive and work things out … Its their lives and not ours!.

  3. Shenica Thomas on said:

    I feel like you all should mind your own business let them live if she want to be with him she be with him if y’all catching to the story she was saying that it was mentioned that he cheated and the thing up who know if it was true she said was mentioned to a friend will be jealous of your life be jealous of what you got going and what you don’t got going on so I just feel like if they in love let them be all she had to do is pray on it and if God lead her his way and leave him her way let it be let them be happy your relationship is your relationship and her relationship congrats tamar I’m for it y don’t give up so fast👪

    • OMG! Have you ever heard of the beginning and ending of a sentence? Geez, use a comma and a period every now and then. lol

    • Miss jenny on said:

      She put her business out there for everyone to see. And she is still posting pictures. If people have an opinion it’s because of her and Vince. They sold their privacy for money. They are getting what they deserve. Comments and all. So come down off your high horse. She seems desperate.

    • Phyllis on said:

      Obviously you never learned to use punctuation. Use a period or comma. Long ass running sentence saying nothing.

  4. Karolyn on said:

    God Bless them both, I was once with a dude that use to beat me,, no more once I got away I neva,,evea, evea,, went back, my body is a temple, not a punching bag! jealous is a form of EVILness,,, I don’t want anybody that is jealous of me and black my eye for his self-gratification I love me! Boop!

  5. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    I’m cheering for Tamar and Vince. They patched up their differences and I hope through prayers and self-reflection, that they both have learned valuable lessons to strengthen their marriage and themselves individually. Im also happy for Logan their beautiful child. He needs them both and now yhat Tamar and Vince have reconciled, their family unit is even stronger. God bless to Tamar, Vince and Logan.

  6. In all things, Pray about it and over it. I truly hope Tamar and Vince, has done this. As long as they both keep God, in front of their lives, nothing else will matter. God will truly direct their path and understanding. What God has put together, let no man, put it under. God bless their Union.

  7. Something tells me everything is not always as it appear. I have yet to hear Vince speak about anything he has been accused of.

  8. Frances Coffie on said:

    Fans need to mind their own business and let Tamar and Vince mind theirs. If that is what they choose oh well get over it.

  9. Veronica R Robinson on said:

    With the Braxton Family Values not returning she can’t survive by herself. I’m not surprise. She does a lot of talking but now she needs him.

    • PassionL on said:

      My thoughts as well.. She said all that BS that he was abusing her! And she needed to leave him soo bad and now want him back!! Please she wanted to sleep with someone, thought the grass was greener on the other side like someone wants to put up with her smh. Only was with him for her career!! Hello in the first place.. Facts

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