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Tamar Braxton delivered a possible death blow to Tank in their messy Instagram feud over her missing band. After she aired out the musicians on social media for ditching her at the last minute, Tank posted a video revealing that her band was with him and they were about to take the stage.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The back and forth started when Tamar first told followers that she fired her entire band after they failed to show up for her gig in Philadelphia. When fans suggested that their flights may have been delayed, she produced receipts in the form of text messages from the band that show them reaffirming that they were on their way.

That’s when Tank jumped in to defend the musicians and reveal that they were all, in fact, with him.

He wrote, “[Tamar Braxton] I have the band and i’m not letting them go!..🤣🤣🤣. On some real sh*t though sis don’t attack these kids on social media… I’m not here to attack you on social media either just here to protect my guy’s professionalism and credibility on social media since they were attacked here..🤷🏽‍♂️”


In the midst of all this, one of the band members revealed that he had not received payment from Tamar for a previous show.

Braxton, meanwhile, eventually unleashed holy hell on Tank by questioning his involvement in her business,  suggesting he likes to have his salad tossed and accusing him of cheating on his wife. Tank then countered with claims of having inflammatory texts that show her husband/manager Vincent Herbert knew ahead of time that the band was not going to show up, and that Vince never informed her.

Tank added that she shouldn’t “get out of character” and called her a “nasty a**.”

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7 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Destroys Tank After He Inserted Himself Into Her Band Drama

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    All you peckerwoods need to wash your mouths out with shit water. Right on Tamar you put that fag*ot in his place. His wife looks like a transgender, check out the hands.

  2. I have to ask myself every time she open her mouth how old is she. I ask this question because this girl doesn’t act like a woman with these temper tantrum. Grow the hell up and act like a grown woman and not a child. People need to hold her accountable for that mess she does.

  3. I have always viewed Tamar as classless. She seems to demand respect when it is not deserved. Yes, the girl can sing but someone needs to buy her some class.

  4. Jackie on said:

    About time somebody called Tamar non paying arse out. She owes everyone. Nobody works for free. Even celebrities has to pay their bills.

  5. Maybe if Tamar’s NO TALENT ASS would pay her band members-they might just show up and perform at her concerts.


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