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A Tennessee property manager is now on the unemployment line after calling the police on a Black man who broke a rule at an apartment complex pool, while ignoring similar offenses by white folks.

Trilogy Residential Management announced on Friday the termination of Erica Walker, who managed Riverset Apartments in Mud Island, Tennessee. The company fired her “immediately” after an investigation, adding that Walker “will never be employed” again at one of its properties.

Walker’s dismissal stems from a viral video posted by Camry Porter, a tenant at the apartment complex, according to WREG-TV. Porter, her boyfriend and her godchildren were trying to enjoy the pool on July 4. Walker, who is white, ordered Porter’s boyfriend to remove his socks while dangling his feet in the pool. The former property manager pointed to a sign that prohibited socks and other inappropriate attire in the water.

Porter believed that Walker singled them out because of their race. She recorded videos showing White people in the pool wearing baseball caps and other prohibited clothing in the pool.

“It does look funny. It’s 25, 30-plus white people out here and you haven’t said anything — you’re partying with them. You’re partying with them! But when we come, it’s an issue,” Porter said, according to the news outlet.

Walker ignored the racial profiling allegation and called the police. Porter decided to leave before the police arrived. But she shared the encounter on social media.

“To anyone that personally know me, knows I NEVER make things a race issue. I honestly feel like it’s enough of that going on. Throughout my years I’ve ran across white people who were openly racist and I’ve known white people who truly saw no color. But on today, THE 4TH OF JULY, I was apart of something that truly hurt and angered me to my core,” she wrote.

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Company Terminates Employee Who Called Cops On Black Man At Swimming Pool was originally published on newsone.com

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6 thoughts on “Company Terminates Employee Who Called Cops On Black Man At Swimming Pool

  1. jhuf on said:

    Yep just like the shit-head that that ripped the MAGA hat off the teen and through the drink in his face, Arrested, Fired from his job, Kicked out of the green party membership whackos on the left and right

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      Dude, last week you weren’t singing that sad song of today. It’s only now when you see so many of your people acting a fool, showing their ignorance, and playing police officers for pawns in their twisted games, that you now want to acknowledge there are crazies on the “left and right”. I say, there are crazies of every nationality. Try to let beyond politics. In addition to your comment, this article was about stupid people (usually white) calling the police on black and brown people for BS. It has nothing do do with a young buck getting his magabilly hat taken away from him. Try to stay focused and on point.

    • jhuff on said:

      well Girl maybe you should indulge in some of your own advice not everything that happens to people of color is racist and people of color are not always innocent we do act-up show our ass and all too often deserve what we get

  2. Phoenix Rising on said:

    A lot of dimwits are losing their jobs due to stupidity. Same for the man in North Carolina who works for Sunoco. Asking a black woman who lived in the community if she had ID to use the community pool. He we have a nosy nobody trying to police the pool. The woman had a pool pass key which turned green to gain access into to pool. That wasn’t good enough for Dotard #4 or #5, so many of them have waiting in the wings for embarrassment. His company found out about his racial profiling and fired his dumb @ss. Good for Sunoco and good for the management of the Riverset Apartments in Mud Island, Tennessee. What cowards they are for using the police as pawns in their stupid racist games.

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