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Vivica A. Fox was left nursing her feelings after Phaedra Parks shared an

innocent photo of her with 50 Cent at the premiere for season 5 of Power.

Parks shared the image to her socials and she probably wasn’t expecting folks to assume she was shooting her shot at the executive producer and rapper. In her caption, she noted that 50 “smells amazing” and used his popular “get the strap” slogan.

However, Vivica wasn’t having any of the fake love, so she shaded Ms. Parks on Instagram

Revealing the message that Phaedra sent her, Viv harshly responded: “Hhhmm…When u have to break out dem receipts on another TOXIC TRICK!” The actress continued, “THE NERVE TO TEXT ME!? GURL BYE I SEE YOU! I ain’t new to this I’m true to THIS!”

Fox wasn’t finished, as she took further digs through her use of hashtags, telling Phaedra to “#GetAJob” and tagging “LegitimateCareer.”

As you know, 50 Cent is a touchy subject with Vivica, who recently rehashed their feud by bringing up details of their sex life nearly fourteen years after they called it quits.

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7 thoughts on “Vivica A. Fox Slams Phaedra Parks As ‘Toxic Trick’ Over 50 Cent Post

  1. Justbeingme on said:

    Vivica she is to old for this nonsense 50 isn’t any prize he is childish and ignorant. She should move on obviously he did find you a man that will treat you with respect it not always what a person can do in the bedroom. And Phaedra is classless and shady anyway.

  2. Whyvivica? on said:

    1st, Fiddy has never been fine. 2nd, Fox has never been a boss. She’s a good actress but is type-casted for the same type roles.
    But her response was everything less than class-less, tasteless, and tacky.

  3. Phyllis on said:

    They have been over for 14 years. Why she still salty about 50? Hes moved on. She need to let it go and move on. Still trying to feud over a man that dont want you no more. Too old for that. Her ego and attitude so unattractive.

  4. Eileen Lee on said:

    Sometimes you just need to ignore people when the do low class stuff like that. Move on and get past it Vivica.

  5. tedgravely on said:

    I’m disappointed in Vivica. Maybe I’m viewing this the wrong way, but her response in my opinion is low class. Five dimes moved on, she should as well. She used to be a boss, but the shine is fading.

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