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(Photo credit: Janelle Bynum Facebook)

Janelle Bynum, a state representative from Oregon, was going door-to-door to talk with voters when a woman called the police on her.

The woman thought that Bynum was casing the neighborhood, she said that her actions were “suspicious.”

Bynum is running for reelection in November, and posted about the experience to Facebook on Tuesday.

“Big shout out to Officer Campbell who responded professionally to someone who said that I was going door to door and spending a lot of time typing on my cell phone after each house—- aka canvassing and keeping account of what my community cares about!” she wrote.

The incident happened around 5:10 p.m. Tuesday after Bynum had visited nearly 30 homes in Clackamas, Ore. Her reaction when she saw the deputy pull up: “I don’t believe this,” OregonLive reports.




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14 thoughts on “Police Called On Black Lawmaker From Oregon

  1. I disagree. Why didnt this resident ask her what she wanted like a normal person would. Then she woould have known who Bynum was. Everyone who knocks on your door is not a criminal.

    • African American Woman on said:

      That’s not my point. You don’t know if there has been suspicious behavior occurring in this neighborhood lately or not. Asking someone their name doesn’t mean it’s actually that person. No one got hurt and her identity was confirmed. Case closed.

      • Who said anything about asking her her name? Clearly says ask her what she wants, then she would have found out who she was. When it comes to black people, whites call the cops first ask questions last, and then they are so embarrassed and start to cry. Do you think if Bynum was white, little Miss resident would have called the police? Probably not.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Wellll….what information other than a name and perhaps a title would you expect if someone asks who are you??? No, I don’t subscribe to victim mentality, so I’m not obsessed with or fearful of white people or any other people. I don’t automatically think oh, anything negative that may happen to me is because I’m black. Too many of us do and I find sad.

    • Kipsog on said:

      “Why didnt this resident ask her what she wanted”-Because this is the prevailing dynamic of the day! So what do you do? Me? AFTER the incident is over I’d file a ‘false reporting’ with the police in order to bring a small claims court suit for damages of metal stress and intimidation. There ARE remedies!

      Veteran USAF

      • African American Woman on said:

        Lol! Criminal Justice 101. No one gets paid if someone calls the police. Its a right. Again, you have no idea why the homeowner called the police. You want a racial issue so bad, y ou don’t want to consider anything else.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    This is a tricky one. A few years ago there were burglaries in my area. The people responsible were a man and woman posing as surveyors. The police put out notices to be aware of people going door to door. Well, a neighbor several doors down from me pulled a gun on a guy going door to door with electric supplier fliers. The police were called and luckily the guy wasn’t hurt. Any situation that happens to involve a black person isn’t automatically a racist one.

  3. Rune Graham on said:

    only cowards handles sneaky shit there way..that’s why they do it, because they should mind there business, you know a person means no good..never judge a book by its color, blacks have proven you wrong, each time a becky called police. I up standing citizen probably got more criminal activity then anyone,,

  4. Chris on said:

    @Mac Daddy – AGAIN you don’t know what you are talking about!! I live in the south – red state – all the break ins lately have been done by – that’s right – WHITE GUYS!! Whites are criminals too!! My neighborhood is mixed – we all look out for each other!! Take your racist funky behind back under that rock that you climbed from under

  5. Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

    If you see something say something. This is why white neighborhoods are safe and desirable. They watch out for each other

    • Eagleye on said:

      Yeah, they just kill family. Oh, I lost my dream job, I think I’ll kill my wife and kids, save us from embarrassment. Or, I need my inheritance now, I think I’ murder my parents. Oh my parent’s don’t understand me, I’ll get my boyfriend to help me get rid of them. Or, I want to marry my best friend’s husband or wife, we’ll get rid of them. Yeah y’all are as nonviolent as the KKK.

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