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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jackson family patriarch Joseph Jackson has been buried in the same Southern California cemetery as his late son Michael.


A source close to the family who is not authorized to speak publicly said Joe Jackson was laid to rest Monday in a private ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.


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Many years ago God planted a special seed in the earth. The seed was put there to be cultivated, nourished and cared for very carefully. It began to germinate into a strong root and then a beautiful tree. Its roots were very busy feeding from the earth so that the tree would continue to grow very strong and proud on a solid foundation. As years went by, the tree began to sprout many branches. The branches were very strong individually and collectively and were always accompanied by hummingbirds, large and other types of singing birds. Even though the branches were pointing in many different directions, they knew that if they stayed together the tree could weather any storms that were ahead. The tree was so beautiful to look at and everyone who saw t wanted to take a branch or two for their own satisfaction, but the root system always believed, “United we stand, divided we fall but together we conquer all.” . Today this tree is now planted in the minds of human beings all over the world. No matter how far the branches may grow in life, it all started from a seed that was planted at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana. The root of the tree is Katherine and Joseph Jackson who gave the tree life, direction and a strong foundation so the whole world could appreciate its beauty and what it stands for.❣️

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Jackson died Wednesday in Las Vegas at age 89 and is survived by wife Katherine, eight children and dozens of grandchildren.


Eldest son Jackie Jackson posted a photo of himself on Instagram Monday afternoon in a black suit and sunglasses while dressing one of his young twin sons in a similar suit.

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My Jay man . . #hayvenhurst

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Michael Jackson was entombed in 2009 in the mausoleum at the opulent cemetery that is also the final resting place of Elizabeth Taylor and Walt Disney.






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9 thoughts on “Joe Jackson Laid To Rest Near Michael In Private Family Funeral

  1. Phyllis on said:

    Janet Jackson with her son Eissa and her “cousin” Latoya at Joe Jackson’s funeral.
    LaToya and Janet are SISTERS not cousins. RIP Mr. Jackson.

      • Keyshawn on said:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Latoya pictured here with Janet, is Joe Jackson’s niece? I pray they let this man rest in peace with no added drama!!!

  2. tedgravely on said:

    At least they did that without a lot of drama. Hopefully, it will remain that way and the family can heal. I digress, but hope Jackie has his parent’s genes – that man is still having kids in his sixties. Darn.

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