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Even though 50 Cent has deleted his social media post where he mocked actor Terry Crews for admitting he was  being fondled by another man, his school boy, juvenile action, has prompted anger from others. And it might affect his “pockets,” shall we say.

A  new Care2 petition is calling on Starz to end their relationship with 50 Cent after the rap-mogul ridiculed Terry Crews on Instagram following his moving testimony to the Senate where Crews shared his own personal experience as a victim of sexual assault.

“50 Cent is, in fact, a very powerful man in Hollywood,” the Care2 petition points out.  “The rapper turned actor stars and produces in Starz’s most watched show “Power” and last year the cable network announced that he had signed on to produce 3 more shows for the premium channel.”

The Care2 petition goes on to state, “Starz should send a message to the rapper and to all other potential producers and filmmakers that they will not tolerate this type of ignorance.”

50 is also getting het from anothyer foe for his digital bullying of Crews from entertainer Carrie Ann Inaba.

50 Cent: A History Of Beef
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2 thoughts on “New Petition Calls On Starz To Drop 50 Cent After Rapper Victim-Shames Terry Crews

  1. Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

    We know how shiggidy we are, but do we really have to announce it to the world every day?

  2. I doubt very seriously Starz is going to drop their money maker But 50 needs to apologize to Mr. Crews for thinking out loud. No one, man, woman or child should have to suffer the humiliation Mr. Crews did This inappropriate behavior by people who think they are in power has cease.

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