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Premiere Of Open Road Films' 'Sleepless' - Arrivals

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Actor Jamie Foxx is being accused of slapping a girl in the face with his genitals at a party dating back to 2002, TMZ reports.

While Foxx’s camp is dismissing the claim as a lie, the accuser told law enforcement last week that she was at a party with a friend at Foxx’s home when the now 50-year-old tried to get her to perform oral sex on him. The alleged victim said when she refused, Jamie hit her on the face with his penis.

The accuser told the site that after the incident one of Jamie’s friend’s kicked her out of the home. When she returned to LA the next day, she said she was treated for a severe panic attack.

This claim comes amid a string of accusations against Hollywood A-listers in the sweeping #TimesUp movement including Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.


Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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Jamie Foxx Accused Of Slapping Girl In The Face With His Penis At A 2002 Party was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

26 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Accused Of Slapping Girl In The Face With His Penis At A 2002 Party

  1. She just remember him slapping her with it once she took it out her mouth..2002 and this is 2018 really.. I’m tired of all these women playing victim now when the were playing the game then.. stop trying to use the Metoo movement to get a check..

    • Chris on said:

      @Pete – so that’s why you come on this site so you can show us how much you hate black people – ooohh you showed us!!! GTFOH Racist Punk!! You

  2. Disoqueen1959 on said:

    This mess should have never made the press…..this girl know she can’t get nothing now!!! I think it is just a publicity stunt, and like someone else here said…how close was she to his penis, could she not see it coming……YIKES!!!!

  3. jhuf on said:

    Yeah 16 years later? You know that gold digging skank was out looking a celebrity
    to hook up with I’m sure she’s waxed many a pole in her career

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    I bet she white…And this where the Me Too! Movement goes off the rails and the public will become desensitize to women making allegations. This is beyond stupid.

    • shut up racist black pos. WHy do all standarized test scores need to be lowered all across the country because you b=—sts can pass them? Everything from tests to become a copy to a fireman. You devils can’t pass the tests, always the lowest on the totem poll.

      • Chris on said:

        @Pete – really? I seem to recall several African American teens PASS ALL TESTS to get in all theTOP IVY LEAGUE colleges – and all your people can do is KILL people!! Lol lol lol

  5. Perry on said:

    2002? I thought it was 2018 enough with this foolishness. If you were too scared to report it in 2002, then you should be ashamed to report in 2018.

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