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Oakland has another white privilege offender.

It hasn’t even been a month since BBQ Becky used her white privilege to summon authorities to a park in the name of stopping a Black family from cooking and eating.

But now a jogger, identified on YouTube as Henry Sintay, who is white, happened to think that it was okay to throw a Black homeless’ man’s clothes at a public park in Oakland on Friday. Apparently, the clothes were so distracting that the man just had to toss them. Really?

Jogger Joe, as he is being referred to across the web, also tossed some of the man’s clothes in a trash can. Again, really? Witnesses told Sintay they knew the homeless man and he was a good guy, but that didn’t stop the evil and heartless act.

Luckily, a local artist caught Sintay’s racist moment and posted the video to social media. The world now has a receipt on this man’s racism, thanks to JJ Harris, an Oakland filmmaker and photographer.

“I was just completely taken aback … This is a homeless man’s stuff – a guy who is always peaceful, never causing trouble, always giving you a smile. That he would do this to another human being, the lack of compassion is astonishing,” Harris told the Guardian.

It was also disturbing that the racist incident happened at Lake Merritt — the same park where BBQ Becky called 911 on people #BarbecuingWhileBlack. Is something in the water at this park? It just too much!

For now, the Oakland Police Department was investigating the incident, but no one waited to help the homeless man.

Already, folks have raised nearly $2,000 on a GoFundMe page for him, identified only as “Drew,” since the incident. People have also donated food, blankets, clothes and other items to him.

Perhaps community members will plan another protest barbecue for Drew and set up some kind of Lake Merritt neighborhood watch to stop people from committing racist acts.

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Meet Jogger Joe, The Man Who Threw Away A Homeless Man’s Clothes  was originally published on newsone.com