Huggy Lowdown: A Mother’s Day Sermon


If you didn’t get enough love on Mother’s Day,  Huggy Lowdown’s sermon is sure to warm up your heart…. maybe.



One thought on “Huggy Lowdown: A Mother’s Day Sermon

  1. HappyMother’s Day, Hernot Natacha Jean Paul, a motherof three girls, thought she knew how it felt to be pregnant. But Hernot, thistime was different. The 39-year-oldmother was in unbearable pain. No matter how she shifted, her baby was in an awkwardposition. Doctors near her home in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, advised her to seekhelp in Port-au-Prince, half the country away. Natacha simply didn’t have the means to getthere. But thanks to your generosity, she found the care she and her baby neededat the PIH-supported University Hospital in Mirebalais—for free. This Mother’s Day, we’re thrilled to shareher story as an emblem of the progress we’re making together in Haiti andaround the world. Please, take a moment and read Natacha’s story now. Natacha Jean Paul stands outside her room atthe maternal waiting home at University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. (Photoby Cecille Joan Avila) When Natachaarrived at University Hospital, physicians confirmed her baby boy was breech,or not head-down. She also learned her child was hydrocephalic, meaning abuildup of fluid had made his head abnormally large. This would have been a high-risk pregnancyanywhere, let alone Haiti’s impoverished countryside. And Natacha could haveeasily faced pregnancy and childbirth frightened and alone. Instead, thanks to your support of PIH, shewas able to stay in a maternal waiting home near the safety of UniversityHospital, where a team of doctors could constantly monitor her health through theremainder of her pregnancy. “Thecare found here,” she told us, “is priceless.” This Mother’s Day, read Natacha’s story, andlearn more about the difference you’re making for mothers in Haiti and aroundthe world.———–With best wishes for a joyous Mother’s Day, :The Team at PIH ((Thework of an ethereal heart))

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