We’ve all been social distancing at home for a few weeks now. Huggy Lowdown has been “wondering around the house” trying to entertain himself until club quarentine on Instagram starts back up tonight. He has “fed the dog and watered the plants” and he just can’t wait for nighttime because  Instagram Live has more entertainment […]

Huggy is “mad” this morning! Last night he had a “thickie” named Vicky over for dinner and it was a bad date! He made her some dinner and she teased him all night. They drank several bottles of wine and listened to R&B. But then Vicky disappeared to the bathroom and Huggy fell asleep. When […]

Happy Valentines Day! Huggy knows everyone is ready to get off of work and head back home to be with their boo. But, he reminds you to throw away your gifts from co-workers. Nobody wants their man to come home with a heart shaped card from “Shelly in payroll.” And women, please don’t go home […]

Huggy would wish everyone a happy Friday but he says there’s nothing happy about this Friday. Our President is a selfish liar and he just beat his charges. Huggy wants to know how in the world he was acquitted! Ever since Trump has been taking a victory lap. But Huggy says, “it is what it […]

Bama Of The Week is the person who has done the craziest thing you can think of. This week’s bama is Terry Crews, this man recieved nothing but love and support from Black women when he opened up about his sexual abuse. One Black woman who came to his defense was Gabrielle Union. Guess how […]

Huggy is in full blown pastor mode today as he remembers simpler times. The time of “pre-Kardashian Kanye,” when he said he wasn’t messing with gold diggers, a time before Tuesday was “Taco Tuesday,” and before we said TGIF and thanked God for every day. What’s your favorite throw back memory?

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and many people around the country paid their respects to Dr. King. But, Donald Trump and Mike Pence paid their “disrespect” to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in D.C. when they took a photo and left. They were attempting to look like they commemorated the day, but […]

Huggy Lowdown is so thankful for his time on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that he’s literally speechless. He will never forget the first time he realized that he was a friend of Tom’s…it was when he was invited to fly on Black for the first time. From that moment forward he knew that Tom […]

Huggy turned on his radio and heard the voice of J Anthony Brown and was confused! He wasn’t sure that he was on the right station, but he was so excited when he realized he was. It’s so exciting to have the whole gang back together. They have so many memories together like, taking trips, […]

Did y’all see Lizzo’s outfit at the Lakers Game? She was literally “ass out” at the game Huggy said. She had on a T-Shirt dress with her butt completely exposed. Where they do that at? Huggy says she needs to be at the next Washington Washington Football Team game to “show their asses how it’s […]

Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul have been Tom Joyner Morning Show favorites for years. But do you know how they got on the show? Huggy says Tom stole them from the Donnie Simpson show. He convinced them to leave when he said, “Donnie may have green eyes, but I have a jet.” And Huggy says […]

The Dallas Cowboys are contender number one, they lost on Thanksgiving and last night! The Cowboys fans are radio silent now. But, Melania Trump is the Bama Of The Week! Did ya’ll see that Christmas commercial where she was sprinkling what Huggy called “rock salt” on the tree? And we all know she didn’t decorate […]