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A South Carolina man was arrested for scheming to have his Black neighbor killed by local white supremacists according to The Post And Courier.

Brandon Cory Lecroy attempted to enlist the help of a local white supremacist group to lynch his Black neighbor and place a burning cross in his yard.

Law enforcement was able to stop his plan thanks to an FBI informant inside the white supremacist group. That “white supremacist” that Lecroy was talking to put him in touch with a person willing to commit the murder who actually turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

On several occasions, Lecroy talked with the undercover agent about murdering his neighbor according to a federal complaint. In a recorded phone call Lecroy can be heard saying, “$500 and he’s a ghost.”

Once the agent agreed to the price, Lecroy asked if he could hang his neighbor from a tree and put a flaming cross in his yard. He texted the agent a picture of his neighbor to confirm that he’d kill the right man.

He then scheduled the murder and suggested the agent use a 9mm handgun with “2 clips” because it was untraceable. On April 9, Lecroy met with the agent to give him a downpayment of $100. He was arrested immediately after that transaction.

Lecroy is charged with a count, “solicitation to commit a crime of violence and use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire.” If he is found guilty, Lecroy could be looking at up to 10 years in prison with a $250,000 fine.

Lecroy was sent to a federal prison hospital where a judge ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation to find out if he’s capable of standing trial.



(Source: The Post And Courier)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)

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24 thoughts on “South Carolina Man Is Arrested For Trying To Hire White Supremacists To Kill Black Neighbor

  1. Let me help the DA with charges. In addition to solicitation of murder charge, don’t forget to add the HATE CRIME charge…DAMN!!

  2. Derrick Wilson on said:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone from the black community. The current administration, understand Donald Trump, has given many white people the permission to become again what they always were… IGNORANT CRACKERS.

  3. He’s should be able to stand trail nothing is wrong with him and I hope the brother’s kick his ass every day in jail that is why we need to call the cops on their ass every time we see them doing something some of them are so evil.

  4. Ms.B on said:

    THAT’S IT??? smh one day before it’s all over scribe will realize the value of human lives… of black lives… this dude was going to pay a measly 500 bucks to have a life ENDED! Now, all he is facing is a few years in jail and a 25,000 fine??? Goodness

  5. Brenda on said:

    If it were reversed and a black man hired someone to kill a white man he wouldn’t be sent for medical evaluation he would have been jailed and convicted and sent to prison for life. Where is the justice.

    • African American Woman on said:

      This is the most outrageous thing I’ve heard in a while! Wow, I’m glad this guy was dumb enough to solicit an FBI agent and that poor guy’s life was saved…on the other hand, nobody knows what would happen if the races of the involved were different, unless you’re psychic…plus, some of y’all are more racist and wacko sounding than the white people you call racist!

    • So true he would be under the jail Not justice and that is why I tell kids we are not all the same and we don’t get treated the same when will it STOP

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    White people are ridiculous. This man plots to kill a black man and the first thing they do is play the sympathy game by alleging a mental problem. He is a stupid racist. He was clear headed enough to belong to a white supremacist organization and plot a murder. Now send him to be with his red neck brothers in cell block c.

  7. autumn2016 on said:

    Broke ass cracker trying hire hit man for $500 with $100 down. Hit man layaway plan. Poor white trash. Take him out back empty two clips up his sorry ass.

  8. Mslady on said:

    There is nothing wrong with that man if he was able to come up with a plan to kill his neighbor! He’s not crazy, just racist.

  9. Love on said:

    Able to plan and plot a murder but not able to stand trial……..Guess he will do a few months in a mental hospital.

  10. americanize on said:

    Typical white racist sh*t,that’s they been doing for hundreds of years.And the racist bastard is given a mental evaluation to see if he can stand trail.That’s only available to white criminals.

    • Tiana Nonbasic on said:

      10 years and a fine for trying to commit MURDER! This is outrageous! FOR MURDER??? The injustice is real.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Give us all a break. Trump has regularly put the FBI down, saying they are corrupt and dysfunctional. That’s why he fired Comey, the head of the FBI, last year. Trump doesn’t know his “head” from a hole in the ground. We should “thank goodness” that the FBI ignores his ignorance and continues to do their jobs.

    • Love on said:

      Since trump is the cause of this behavior “HIS” FBI should be on the ball. By the way trump does not own the FBI so it is not “HIS”.

  11. African American Woman on said:

    Wow! This is one of the craziest things I’ve heard in a long time…I’m glad he wasbdumb enough to solicit and FBI agent.

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