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There’s dining while Black, shopping while Black and now napping while Black.

On Monday (May 7), a White Yale graduate student apparently believed sleeping was criminal activity when it came to her African-American classmate, the Yale Daily News reported. The sounds of someone napping in a dorm common room were so offensive to her that she thought the only thing to do was summon campus police to the scene. Wow. Jaw dropped.

It surely takes some racist audacity to report a classmate of color for sleeping, which is one of the most natural things that a human being can do. Who knew that you could close your eyes in a public place and wake up to the picture of cops hovering over you? Who knew sleeping wasn’t safe with Brown skin? Lolade Siyonbola, the sleeping graduate student whose age was not disclosed, most likely received the shock of a lifetime.

Siyonbola knew the standard thing to do in these situations: break out your cell phone and start recording. She posted footage early Tuesday morning of her interaction with the privileged student, who was not identified, as well as with the cops who interrogated her for a good 15 minutes. Why so long? Her name was misspelled in the Yale student database, according to the Yale News. Really?

Of course, this craziness at the predominately White school went viral.

Students began debating whether this was an incident of racial discrimination and harassment. Clearly, it must be.

For one, the student who called the cops had previously committed a racist infraction, according to Siyonbola. She called campus police after one of the Siyonbola’s friends got lost in her building months ago, the student said in one video.

Secondly, the police-happy student felt justified using her privilege to burn her Black classmate. She told Siyonbola, “I have every right to call the police” in one video. Really, again?

Thirdly, the cops didn’t believe that Siyonbola was a Yale student. They ran her ID as if she were a criminal or trespasser, and she actually had to tell them that she belonged at the school. They said they couldn’t verify her as a student because of her name being misspelled in the school database.

It’s important to note that Yale students are 52 percent White and about 8 percent African-American, according to College Data.

The school unsurprisingly defended the officers’ actions as only following protocol. Let’s be clear here: Racism should never be part of the protocol.





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25 thoughts on “Yale Graduate Student Calls Campus Cops On Napping Black Classmate

  1. Cece on said:

    Them that call the police unnecessarily stand in the background warching like a pyromaniac watchest his fire, hoping they’ll kiLl the unwitting victim. Definitely using tge cops’ on racist attitudes to do their bidding.

  2. Grady White on said:

    If her dorm is so close by as she insists, then why not go there and sleep? Black women so desperate for attention

    • Olivebeauty on said:

      So mack asshole daddy..can we refer to white wkmen as dick sucking ball licking cum swallowing white whores?

  3. americanize on said:

    Seams to me like this is orchestrating system set up by white supremist all over the country to harm black people,its happening everyday.Black America you have no friends.

  4. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    To try and justify someone calling the POLICE on someone for sleeping is SAD and RIDICULOUS! That young educated woman could have been arrested or killed for nothing. The student who called should be suspended and the young lady should file a law suit for emotional distress. These white people DO understand what a horrifying experience it is to have armed police officers confronting a Black Person. They should be held accountable.

  5. stephanie Jones on said:

    May this cowardly racist maggot be so unhappy, may she be tortured by her conscience that she flunks out of school. May love, peace and happiness always elude her, not even drugs will comfort or give her peace for the rest of her hateful life.

  6. americanize on said:

    The white supremacist are on code.If you hate black people call the police it doesn’t matter why you call them,the results could be take the negro to jail,or beat them have to death,or kill them.Black America you have no friends.

  7. Honestly on said:

    These cave n!@@ers are not afraid. They do this because of their abject hatred of Nubian people. These mayonnaise monkeys are hoping for a fatal encounter when they call the thugs in blue. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  8. Mac Daddy on said:

    I can tell from the comments the people that didn’t go to college. Schools do NOT permit sleeping in common areas. That is what your dorm room is for. This is the time of year that prospective new students are touring the campus with their parents. The image of some hoochie mama sacked out is not the impression that the Board of Trustees want to portray to wealthy parents and donors. It ain’t about black or white, just obeying the rules.

    • christed on said:

      Actually Mac Daddy is correct although the “hoochie mama” takes away from his overall note. I work at a private university like Yale and we do not allow sleeping in public areas — except in the library of course. Also, we would make sure there was not a health emergency involved so the campus police might be summoned. Still, this case has serious racial overtones due to who called the police and how they conducted themselves which was not out of concern but apparent hostility. And the whole thing about the students name being misspelled is strange as we are constantly asking students to verify their personal information in our systems.

      • vdabney722 on said:

        Mac Daddy is NOT correct. He never is when he comes here to spread his racist crap. My understanding is that the “hoochie mama” was in a student lounge, and the lights were out. What any other person would have done was to a) leave her alone until she woke up, or b) shook her awake and tell her to go to her room and sleep. What’s missing in all this “analysis” you two are doing is, this woman had called the police on one of the black woman’s acquaintances before. It is MAY, if she is so aware of black people being around it is more than likely that this wasn’t the first time she’d seen the black student. She called out of SPITE, and to let the other student know “you don’t belong here, and I don’t want you here”. The white caller should have been issued a citation for placing a false police report.

    • TeeO on said:

      I can’t tell it’s not about black or white…how many white girls you know been called hoochie mama? Get real with yourself and then realize that it’s people like you that creates and contributes to the “problem”!!!

    • Love on said:

      Mac Daddy A college education is not necessary to know that sleeping is not allowed in common areas. Homeless people living in shelters know sleeping is not allowed in the common common areas. Throw your shade on the triple K.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        I did not say a college education was required to process the nuances of this issue. But merely time spent on campus to know the do’s and dont’s. Just because you’re enrolled, does not allow you to make up your own rules. Dorms are for sleeping, not public places on campus. Maybe it’s different at HBCU’s, but any college worth it’s salt PROHIBITS sacking in common areas. Shouldn’t even be an issue, any self respecting person does not just sleep in public, homeless excluded. Have some class Peeps, jeez

  9. leadjustone on said:

    S.D. Is right. This fool is a loose cannon. She is risking the safety, and possibly the life of this black student. Ms. Siyonbola should go to court and file an order of protection against this racist heifer. At least that way, if it escalates further, her concerns will be on the record.

  10. white folks are acting like fucking COWARDS these days.
    Whenever their RACIST asses are feeling “uncomfortable” or “threatened”-
    they call 911 on people of Color!!!!!!!!

    I hope one day they do this to the WRONG person and that snowflake gets their AZZ BEAT THE FUCK UP–then they can call 911 for the medical assistance they will no doubt need!!!!!!!

  11. S.D. on said:

    This is totally insane!! The police don’t have anything better to do? The psychotic student is building a pattern here….what does the university intend to do about it?!! It is obvious situations are escalating with her…..she’s a loose cannon!!

  12. Ted Gravely on said:

    That’s about white. This will only stop when we quit being so passive and start doing similar things to our white neighbors and classmates and then question the so call police if they don’t respond appropriately.

  13. Kam on said:

    This is crazy!! When is it going to stop? Maybe we need to start calling the police every time they look at us wrong!

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