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A woman who had sued Usher claiming he gave her herpes is now suing the singer again – this time on a slew of other charges.

Laura Helm claimed she contracted the sexually transmitted disease during unprotected sex with Usher in July. He denied Helm’s claims and in November her lawyer requested the dismissal of their $20 million lawsuit without prejudice.

However, Helm filed a new lawsuit in Georgia last week alleging several counts of negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud.

“Plaintiff suffers mentally and emotionally from the humiliation and stigma attached (to) a single woman infected with the incurable Herpes SV2,” the lawsuit reads according to Bossip. Helm is seeking unspecified damages.

Helm’s original $20 million lawsuit against the singer claiming he gave her the disease through unprotected sex was derailed after she told someone on a recorded phone call two days before the filing that she only had protected sex with Usher.

Helm’s lawyer withdrew from the case and Helm hired a new attorney, who immediately filed to dismiss the case. However, it was dismissed without prejudice, “with intent to refile.”

Usher has yet to respond to Helm’s new lawsuit. He’s currently facing legal action from another accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, who went public with her story during a press conference in August. Sharpton revealed she had not contracted herpes from the alleged encounter at a Days Inn hotel following an Usher concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2014, but is suing because she believes she was put at risk by the singer.

Usher, 39, recently separated from his second wife Grace Miguel.


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5 thoughts on “Usher Hit With New Lawsuit From Previous Herpes Accuser

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    Ladies be carful spreading your legs for celebrities, entertainers, rappers and athletes thinking it’s some kind of privilege to sleep with someone just because they’re famous. Keep in mind these people have sex ready available to them from all over the world and most do indulge in the pleasures of fame. Yes, it’s your right to sue but why take the risk, is it worth it? Is living with herpes or aids worth the bragging rights of saying “I slept with a star.”

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    In my opinion, comments below are ignorant. Charlie Sheen’s ex is suing him. Guess what he exposed her too? Stop it coons or maybe you’re ignorant white people on a black site just because. For all others, her right to sue. Depends on how it went down. Did she know? Did he say, “I ain’t got nothing.” Most people in long term or committed relationships don’t use the hat. Should, but don’t. Until we get all the facts, we should wait. The only thing I know is this…….if another woman claims that after Jan 2018 that they weren’t aware Usher has a STD, they are liars. Hoochies beware, you could get the coochies.

  3. Mac Daddy on said:

    Quantasia Sharpton. Need I say more? Thirsty azz black women. Ain’t no wonder why black men prefer European women. No contest

  4. African American Woman on said:

    These “you gave me an STD” lawsuits shouldn’t even be heard…what a waste of time and a mockery of the justice system…there is inherent risk when engaging in sex…if your ass gets burnt, oh well, it happens.

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